Saturday, January 8, 2011

Game 41/Anaheim: My take

The Columbus Blue Jackets closed out the first half of the 2010-2011 season with a 6-0 loss to the Anaheim Ducks at the Honda Center.

While the CBJ fanbase bristles with anticipation of the rumored but probably unlikely mega-trade on the horizon, I can't help but ask: Can enough players get traded to make a difference in this season?  That being the case, are we starting to look at the closing of the playoff qualifying window for the Blue Jackets already?

Unbelievable.  I never thought that the season would go this far south, this early in the season.

As for the debut of Matt Calvert, I'd ship him back to Springfield ASAP and leave all of the Falcon kids there until Columbus gets itself straightened out.  I cannot see anything to be gained by exposing them to the mess that is the Blue Jackets right now.

As for the team, I leave you with this:


  1. I finally did it. I turned off the set and said "i can't take it anymore". My "No Mas" moment. Last nights game was the crappiest game I've seen in a while and trust me I've been involved with youth hockey for awhile. I've seen bad hockey but the difference is the kids try, Howson said he was happy with the D before the season started. This is his mess and I'm now 100% sure his time here needs to be over. He let this group return and yet he expected a different outcome from last year? After 10 years I cant believe we are still this bad. After 10 yeas I can't believe the CBJ ticket people still call me.

  2. DBJ -
    I believe I mentioned in an early comment that we would see separation happen in the Western Conference. That is happening before our eyes. In spite of everything we were two points out. Yesterday, three points out. Today, four points out.

    I honestly wonder if Nash is on the block. I've always liked Nash, but you look at Pittsburgh, and what might they give up to put Nash on Crosby's wing? We would need to take at least 3 players to clear the cap space. Staal, Goligoski, and other? Not sure what I think about CBJ after Nash. I'm not pushing that, but you could make Umby captain and not miss a beat. Meh.

    It ain't over till the fat lady sings, but she's limbering up her pipes as we speak. A must win at a fragile L.A. who will regain their confidence when we roll into town.

  3. 1g, 3a in the last 12 games. He goes on a tear and gets 5g, 4a in say 6 games. That still means we lose at least 8-10 games in that stretch. We've spent a lot of time & effort trying to get Nash help, but when he is streaky himself, the downs are really, really down, and the ups are only competitive.

    This team needs an enema. Complete purging.


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