Monday, May 9, 2011

Regarding RyJo

Relax DBJ!  I'm not going off the deep end again!  Just a quick note to say how excited I am about Ryan Johansen, and his prospects for next year.  This kid is putting together a great season for the Portland Winterhawks, and is capping his 2010-11 regular season campaign of 40 G, 52 A, 92 Pts in 63 games, along with a sparkling 44 +/-, with a real nice playoff run of 11 G, 15 A, 26 Pts in 18 games so far.  His Winterhawks are tied 1-1 with Kootenay in the WHL final, with the next game slated for Wednesday.

In addition, RyJo captured the MVP of the WHL Western Conference Series, as reported by The Cannon.  Its pretty clear that there is nothing left in the WHL for RyJo, and really no where for him to play except for the CBJ next year, as he is ineligible for AHL action. 

Perhaps a better use of strength and conditioning coach Kevin Collins would be to have him focus on this young and upcoming stud rather than flogging a dead horse.  And since you have interests in the trade, you'll appreciate what I mean Mr. Commodore.


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  1. You don't mess with The Johan. ;-)


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