Monday, March 26, 2012

Game 76: Detroit

Detroit 7 - Columbus 2
24-45-7, 5th in Central Division, 30th in NHL
The Columbus Blue Jackets took their show on the road to Joe Louis Arena tonight, only to be demolished by the Detroit Red Wings in regulation, 7-2.


Here's a little to chew on:
That's all.  6 games left.

NEXT UP: The Red Wings visit Nationwide at 7PM on Wednesday for a nationally-televised game on NBC Sports Network.


  1. Has anyone considered calling for a walk-out of fans during the last game on 4/7? The fan protest during the all-star break was cute and all, but come on, did that really mean anything? No member of management or ownership was in town at that time. A walk-out to occur during the first TV timeout on 4/7 will have more impact. Management and ownership will all be in attendance. Sort of hard to ignore it. Just my thought. I don't know who organized the fan protest, but hopefully my comment reaches them.


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