Sunday, April 8, 2012

Game 82: Los Endos

Nash added a goal tonight to reach 30 goals
Tonight the Columbus Blue Jackets beat the New York Islanders 7-3.  It was a strange game.  It wasn't really as close as the score indicated, but it was a lot closer than the score indicated.  The CBJ blew open a tight game in the third period by scoring twice on a 5 on 3 penalty chance, which really changed the complexion of the game.  The DBJ 5 thoughts follow:

1. The Captain, Rick Nash -  In spite of potential back spasms that might have kept him out of the game, Nash skated on a night that has been widely speculated to be his last in CBJ uniform.  When asked if it felt like his last game in Columbus, he said no (as reported in Puck Rakers).  Nash scored the opening goal, which helped get a very sluggish Jackets roster engaged in the game.  No one really had any legs at the start of the game.  Who knows what the off season brings, but with his no trade clause, Nash is the only one who really decides if he is going to be in Columbus.

2. Cam Atkinson - Cam continues his tear, scoring twice on the night following his hat trick in Colorado.  When Atkinson looked slow in the first period, I remember thinking that none of the team had their legs.  He got his legs as the game went on, and I hoped and prayed I was tossing another hat.  In spite of a real nice look that he poked wide as time wound down in the third, Atkinson played a very explosive game.  He seemed to get better with every shift.  He finished the game with two goals and an assist, a very capable repeat of his hat trick the last game.

3. Wiz and JMFJ - James Wisniewski and Jack Johnson continue to improve when playing with one another.  Realistically, this defensive pairing showed instant chemistry.  It should be really interesting to watch them play a whole season together. Wiz and JMFJ each finished with a goal and an assist, which looms large for next year. If they can do that type of thing with ANY consistency,  they will be one of the better pairs in the league.  Its really fun to watch them toy with the opposition when they are on the 5 on 3.

4. A good crowd - It was a pretty good crowd tonight at the game.  They gave the Captain (Nash) a big round of applause, and were generally fairly loud throughout the game.  The CBJ have a poor record on their last night, but they lit it up for the home fans tonight.

5. Let the post mortem writing start - A season of great promise has ended badly.  There will be much to say about those subjects on this blog.  Stay tuned.


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