Sunday, June 17, 2012

We Have Met The Enemy And He is Ours!

Join the Battle!
Oliver Howson Perry uttered these famous words on Sunday, June 24, 2012: We Have Met the Enemy, And He is Ours!  Two Forwards, Two D-Men, a draft pick and a Goalie.  Well, we can only hope that Howson is uttering these words anyway.

It's draft week, Nash sweepstakes week, and 'content week' for the bloggers, meaning that we will actually have something to write about.  Today, the Dispatch initiated the salvo with the release of the new 2012-13 CBJ slogan of 'Join the Battle'.  I like this slogan.  While there are obviously some satirical opportunities in the new slogan, it is plenty good enough.  The satire comes with the turf when you are the 30th place team in the league.  Win some games and the satire turns into jealous whining.  Just sayin'.

This release is actually rather untimely as I was planning a blog post suggesting my own personal favorite slogan 'No Where to Go But Up'.  I was going to solicit input on other options, but the CBJ wisely beat me to the punch.  'Join the Battle' has a lot of advantages over my suggestion, so perhaps we should just let that go, eh?

Thanks to my Preds fan Father-in-law for the Photoshop assist.  Happy Father's Day John.


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