Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I wonder what they're really doing in there?

With the players and owners meeting without Bettman or Fehr in attendance, I wonder what owners and players are really talking about.  My money is right now they are re-writing the lyrics to one of the best songs about self-doubt and recrimination - "Mother" by Pink Floyd.  Or "Bettman" as soon to be released under Anson Carter's record label in the coming future...

Bettman do you think they'll drop the bomb?
Bettman do you think they will return?
Bettman do you think they'll try to break my balls?
Ooooh aah, Bettman should I build a wall?
Bettman shouldn't run for commissioner?
Bettman should I trust the ol’ PA?
Bettman will they put me in the Hall of Fame?
Ooooh aah, is it just a waste of time?

Hush now owners, owners don't you cry
Gary’s gonna make all of your
Lock Outs come true
Gary’s gonna put all of his fears into you
Gary’s gonna keep you right here
Under his wing
He won't let you tweet but he might let you zing
Gary will keep owners cozy and warm
Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe
Of course Gary’s gonna help build the wall

Bettman do think he's good enough - for me?
Bettman do think the contract’s dangerous - to me?
Bettman will she tear your small market apart?
Oooh aah, Bettman will she break my heart?
Hush now baby, baby don't you cry
Gary’s gonna check out all your proposals for you
Gary won't let anyone fighting get through
Gary’s gonna wait up till you get in
Gary will always find out whise
You've been
Gary's gonna keep Toronto healthy and clean
Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe Ooooh Babe
You'll always be a baby to me
Bettman, did it need to be so high.

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