Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Gallos' Six Pack on Game 33: Vancouver

In tonight's contest between the Columbus Blue Jackets and Vancouver Canucks, the home Canucks kept the ice tilted in their favor through the first two periods.  The CBJ were unable to generate any sustained offense in the first two periods, though it could also be said that Vancouver was letting a team that they were outplaying continue to hang around.  While the Jackets played better through the third period, regulation play ended with the score 0-0.  Bobrovsky was stellar in overtime, stoning Hansen on a breakaway.  The overtime period ended 0-0 with both goal tenders recording a shutout, and we went to a skills competition to determine the game outcome.  Lapierre was the only shooter to score, on a wicked back hand, and the CBJ lost 1-0 in their 22nd one goal game of the year.

Sergei Bobrovsky records another shut out
1. My first cold frosty one goes to Sergei Bobrovsky.  Bob was stellar in this game, and the difference for the CBJ.  A precious point was gained on the road, but he got beat on the one shoot out attempt.  He had 34 saves, and recorded his third shutout of the year.  This was a very emphatic response after getting chased from the net in Nashville.  What else can I say about Bob?  He's just been outstanding this year.

2. My second cold one goes to Artem Anisimov.  If you are going to get into a game where you aren't going to score, you need to have the puck To get the puck you need to win faceoffs.  Arty won 55% of his faceoffs, and was a beast in the circle down the stretch.  

3. My third beer is going to go to young Mr. Dalton Prout.  Prout has played some very solid defense, and the team is going to have a real quandary when Wiz comes off injured reserve.  The nice thing that Prout brings is a big physical presence that our defense does not otherwise have.  It is symbolic of Richards trust for Prout that he was seeing ice time in the 4 on 4 overtime period.

4, 5, 6.  My last three cold frosty beers are for re-alignment, and the Eastern Conference.  These 10 o'clock games are killers.  It will be nice to minimize these beasts, to a single visit a year.  I'm dreaming of 7 o'clock starts.

The Jackets just battled away, killed the penalties, but couldn't muster an offense.  As far as being out worked, yes in the first, no in the third, and maybe a draw in the second.  I'll call it a draw.  Since the CBJ are the road team, and have the rules stacked against them, I'll give them the nod for outworking Vancouver.  Tough tenacious defense and stellar goal tending eked out a precious point on the road.  But you have to score to win, and the CBJ didn't.



  1. Great bounce back defensively, but the offense remains moribund. Need 4 points out of Edmonton and Calgary and that's gonna take goals.

  2. Most people didn't like this game in terms of "entertainment value". Me, I loved it.

    Being a fan of both the Canucks and the Jackets afforded me the chance to just sit back and enjoy. Great game!

    Watching the CBJ take on Edmonton right now. Cam Atkinson just scored after just 10 seconds!


    GO GO GO Jackets!

    - Joe in Vancouver.