Monday, June 2, 2014

Bad Guys vs Good Guys?!?

Derek Dorsett and Fedor Tyutin in Todd Richards
First Practice as a Head Coach.
And why is DD wearing a '5' helmet?
Well, the die is cast for the Stanley Cup final.  Improbably, the New York Rangers, and their cast of former CBJ players will face off against the L.A. Kings and their cast of former CBJ players.  So who are the good guys, and who are the bad guys?

Jeff Carter made few friends here in Columbus, though his on-ice performance for the Blue Jackets was pretty much what he gives the Kings when he was healthy.  And Marion Gaborik continues his amazing 'sucker play' in L.A.  He is taking advantage of finally being healthy for a short stretch, and making a good run at that UFA contract he wants.  Here's the thing about Gabby.  He had never ending groin problems.  The surgery he had at the end of the 2012-13 season was to correct a former surgery.  The broken collar bone was just bad luck, so he could be finally healthy and ready to return to form for several years.  Or not.  Should be hilarious to see which GM's bid on that one, especially if he goes nuts on the Rangers and wins the Conn Smythe trophy.  That would make the free agent season interesting.

Then there are the Rangers.  John Moore, Derick Brassard and Derek Dorsett were all pretty well liked by the fans when they played here.  Then there is Rick Nash, a somewhat polarizing figure.  I wonder if making it to the Stanley Cup finals becomes a very liberating thing for him, and he goes all monster on L.A.  I kinda doubt it, I mean, Drew Doughty is a seriously good defenseman.  But now that they have gotten here, I don't know if Nash feels much pressure.  He could be the real wild card in this thing.  One thing for sure, all these former CBJ guys are used to playing against the Kings.  Not too many surprises here.  Additionally, Alain Vingeault has coached against these guys more than a few times.

But I wonder.  That was a heck of a Chicago team that L.A. beat.  But the Rangers don't play quite the same game, whereas Chicago and L.A. were going head to head with the same stuff.  And Lundquist is definitely the better goal tender at this point, which could make a huge difference.

I am at peace with the players in L.A. and New York.  We have what we have, uniquely CBJ players that we got in trade for the guys who are in these other cities.  Those moves resulted in the best season in franchise history.  We had always hoped for the same success for all of our former players, but it didn't quite happen here.  Now they are having success in a new destination and I am glad for them.  I look forward to DD head butting someone in the Stanley Cup Final. Just cause he can.

I'm going to enjoy watching this Stanley Cup Final.  Odds are the Kings are going to mow down the Rangers like so much tall grass.  On the other hand, you have to play the games.  Which is what it is all about!

Which team will you root for?


  1. Get Nash a Cup. Great guy, he was my first player love, can't give up on him now. I also enjoy rooting for the underdog, so go Rangers. P.s. I've always been a Martin St Louis fan too.

  2. My contempt for Jeff Carter still lingers. I also have a soft spot for "the Derricks" so Go Rangers!

  3. I still like Nash and dislike Carter more than Brassard, so I'll pull for NY.

  4. Scott Arniel is with the Rangers as well. I'm compelled to root for Dominic Moore.


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