Monday, December 15, 2014

A New Dynamic

I have been reflecting a bit on the new dynamic in the games versus the Penguins.  For most old experienced season ticket holders like myself, we carry scars of that game about 4 or 5 years ago, when the Blue Jackets were still playing in the Western Conference.  It was the first time that Pittsburgh had played in Nationwide Arena for several years, and the Penguins fans just took the place over.  Through an error, a Pittsburgh fan even rode the zamboni during the intermission.  It was a totally humiliating experience for a season ticket holder.

A big part of that was the crowd noise.  At that time, the main chant Jackets fans were using was the old 'Let's Go Jackets, clap, clap clappity, clap'.  And oldie but goodie that many teams use (e.g. the Red Wings).  During that game, when the Pittsburgh fans started roaring 'Let's Go Pens', all the Jackets fans had to respond was 'clap, clap, clappity, clap', which isn't exactly a visceral response.   The Penguins fans used their 'Let's Go Pens' chant to run the Blue Jackets fans out of the building (this is not an exaggeration).  It didn't help that the Penguins waxed the Blue Jackets on the ice.

However, late in the run to the playoffs last year, a new cheer arose from the depths of Nationwide Arena.  A homegrown (the best kind) cheer, a stirring chant of C-B-J repeatedly bellowed at the top of your lungs.  This cheer allows the fans to really bring the thunder, and anyone who experienced last year's playoff games will not easily forget that sound.  Scout around YouTube in those playoff clips.  There are some excellent examples.

So when a game like Saturday's game starts to come up, the old scars start to tingle.  The fear of being run out of the building lurks like a shadow.  But there is a new dynamic in these games.  The C-B-J chant is the exact same cadence as that 'Let's Go Pens' chant, and it gives the fan something that you can use to really respond.  So now in these games, when some knuckle dragging mouth breather starts yelling in support of his flightless sea birds, I promptly, and effectively crank up the C-B-J chant.  This gives the fans an ability to go toe to toe with the opposition, and contributes to the playoff-like atmosphere that we experienced on Saturday.  And you gotta love that.

C-B-J!!  C-B-J!!!  C-B-J!!!!


  1. I've said MANY times, you can't mistake the C B J chant for anything remotely connected to any other team. It gets loud, it actually raises the hair on your neck, it is one of the best things to come out of the "fifth line".Protecting the home ice is EVERYONES responsibility. Between that pittsburgh game and the night the blackhawks scored and got their own goal song played for them,I have to say, I'm glad game ops. is now in better hands. Let's see if we can get "lucky" # 7 in detoilet and keep the positives going. C ! B ! J !

  2. I was surrounded by Pens fans at the game last week. I figured things were going to be ugly when a few them heckled Leo during the anthem. But at the end of the game they were all very quiet and had a "shell shocked" look on their faces as if to say "Wait, that's not what was supposed to happen, what do we do now?"

    I loved every minute of it. :)

  3. Wouldn't it be great to get a C ---- B ----- J chant going around the arena like O--H---I----O at Ohio Stadium? That chant also gets the hair on your neck up. The arena could be divided into thirds with each third having a letter.


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