Sunday, January 25, 2015

A Great Event

The 2015 NHL All-Star game, held in Columbus was nothing but a really good time.  I felt our City showed itself off really well, and a lot of people got a chance to experience what the Arena District has to offer.  In terms of a celebration of hockey, this sure felt like a good one.

I was treated to an interesting anecdote tonight at the game.  Some friends of ours, a younger couple, season ticket holders, have a six week old new born.  The announcement of the rules, early in the week, stating that such newborn had to have a seat, and a ticket, according to NHL policy put some of our ticket holders in a bind.  According to our friends, the CBJ basically said, 'yup, that's the policy', then proceeded to pay for the infant's ticket themselves, absorbing any extra ticket costs owed to the NHL.  I love seeing our organization take care of its fans.  I understand where the NHL is coming from on this.  They love our organization for making it a non-issue for them.

I went downtown this weekend to enjoy the All-Star game.  It fulfilled my expectations in spades, in terms of it being a REALLY good time.  One of the things I liked seeing the most was the level of professionalism showed by the people who were working this event.  Anything this big is going to have its situations, and SNAFUs.  From what I was able to observe, those were few and far between.  I mean, you have to assume that there were some screw-ups.  But I didn't see any.  The event seemed to come off without a hitch.  Thanks to all of you for working so hard to represent the City I love.  It was a really great effort on your part.

Come Tuesday, the regular season starts again.  Ovi, it was great having you on Team Foligno.  But you get demoted back to the Caps tomorrow, and we promise to treat you accordingly when you return.  Thanks everyone for such a great weekend!


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