Monday, March 30, 2015

Hey Mike Priest, I'm Talking to You

Not long ago the lads over at the Columbus Dispatch printed the rumor that it was possible for the Blue Jackets to acquire the Lake Erie Monsters, who play in Cleveland, as their AHL affiliate.  Is it possible for me to describe how desirable this is?  I have so many friends in Cleveland that are just not connected to hockey, that I could drag to Monsters games and get them totally hooked.  Please, please, please make this happen.  Are you not convinced that I'm begging?  I have to confess that while I am pleased that Springfield made the playoffs last year for the first time in a long time, and that they are battling for that again this year, it would mean so much more to me for it to be in Cleveland.  A road trip to see Springfield is some crazy 15 hour drive, and then what?  Cleveland is awfully close to a 'there and back again' trip, except for the antics that I am likely to get involved with in terms of my many friends up there.

Mike, buddy, listen while I give you an anecdote.  I am a life long Cincinnati Reds fan.  I mean, I grew up with the Big Red Machine.  My formative years were spent with the notion that the Reds played the first game of the year, and the last game of the year.  All that said, I have never actually rooted against the Indians, unless they were playing the Reds, and my idea of Nirvana is the Reds playing the Indians in the world series.  But there is little that could actually make me an Indians fan unless someone decided to bring the Indians farm team to Columbus.  The decision to acquire the Clippers as the Tribe farm team has come close to tilting a life long allegiance for me, because I care a lot about Columbus.  So let's put some pressure on all those Penguin fans in Cleveland, and bring our farm team to Cleveland.

So Mike, please make this happen.  And I promise I will celebrate by shouting:




  1. What about the Jackets playing an Nhl game here in Cle? Former browns fan here who gave up the football for hockey, after the Move.

    1. Bring it on!! I think that would be sweet! It all starts with the Monsters!