Saturday, August 22, 2015

twas the Night Before CannonFest

Even my milk is excited for CannonFest!

Twas the night before CannonFest, fan unity our goal
Not a player was slandered, not even Boll;

My #CBJ milk was poured in my glass with care,
In hopes that I'd soon see some players there;

Anticipation of greatness, past year trends,
#HartnellDown donations, and meeting new friends;

something, something, something, something...

Now! Wagner, now! Lukan, now! GregMay and UB Soldiers,
On! Wooten, on! Ashley, on! Artillery and Schroeder

something, something...

But I heard him exclaim, like a voice from God --
Enjoy CannonFest you ALL,
and you're welcome for Brandon Saad

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