Saturday, December 19, 2015


Ryan Johansen in Training Camp
Today the news broke in the Columbus Dispatch that Ryan Johansen's incident with a racing heart that resulted in a hospital visit resulted in serious disruption to his off season training.  This makes sense.  After an incident like that you back off for a bit, you don't go right back into 'elite athlete' training mode.  So yeah, that would be a disruption.

The Dispatch also printed an interview with John Davidson which is pretty good.  I really appreciate the good press coverage.  I'm an old school kinda guy who likes to sit down with his morning hard copy newspaper, drink a cup of coffee and eat my breakfast while reading the hockey news.  That's my idea of a game day Saturday morning.

So here we are, the Flyers coming to town, and easy game to get up for, ensconced in last place, with the Head Cop (Bobrovsky) out with an injury.  Although Curtis McElhinney got the win the other night against the Glendale Coyotes (for now), he really had a hard time with rebound control, and kept throwing the puck back into play with rebounds.  I wonder if they give Korpisalo another try.  Philly can hurt you if you play crappy, but they are no Dallas Stars either.  Maybe get the kid back up on the horse?

Been reflecting a bit on CBJ coaches.  There have 2 head coaches that had real hockey gravitas in the organization, Ken Hitchcock and John Tortorella, who both have that funny ring with all the diamonds on it that says 'Cup'.  I think Tortorella is going to get it done here.  JD was quoted today saying that yeah, he's a demanding coach, but the players like it.  This is not the talent/coach mismatch that was the case in Vancouver.

For me, Exhibit A for how well Torts is doing is Cam Atkinson.  Cam is starting to turn into a very solid NHL player, and he seems to know exactly what the coach wants from him.  There is no confusion in his game.  Here's a guy I would have thought would struggle with Tortorella, but conversely seems to be thriving.

So as stupid and sideways as things got early this season, I think this will turn around at some point, and it could be a lot of fun.  We'll know a bit more after tonight, as Steve Mason pitched a shut out in his last game, and the Coyotes goal tending was abysmal.  If we can ring up some goal against the Flyers, that will be a good sign.  I sure would like to see more than one goal.

Will be off the grid for a couple of days, but will check in again early next week.


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