Friday, April 1, 2016

Sonny Starts, Isles Finish

Sonny Milano
In a near perfect result for this dismal season, the CBJ got skated off the ice in the first period, but still scored the initial goal on their lone shot for much of the first period (Sonny got the other shot), while the Islanders pumped in 3 goals.  The CBJ rallied, and tied the game by early in the third period, gave up another, but were unable to tie the game in the waning moments.

The loss puts the Jackets tantalizingly close to the cellar spot, and the maximizing of lottery odds, which is all the remainder of this season is good for.  Torts isn't looking for moral victories, and neither is the team.  But they saw exactly where a 15-1-1 run at the end will get you (nowhere), and that effort is not there any longer.  I don't blame them, I don't have a problem with it.  Two home games remaining, make those entertaining or win them, no matter, we have done what we can on maximizing the odds.  We've done the cellar dweller thing before, lost the lottery, but won the war since we got Murray.  We just need to hit once when it matters, and it is to be hoped that the hockey gods hear our wails of anguish.  Drop Auston Matthews on this team and you've got something newsworthy.  Drop him in Edmonton and it's more wasted talent.  Arguably, since this is Toronto's league by the way, you get more news coverage in Toronto, but they are blowing that thing up and I'm not sure it will recover as quickly as a CBJ team that is poised to go somewhere if they will simply quit shooting themselves in the foot.

So throw us a bone hockey gods.  Torts is here to make sure it won't be wasted.

I didn't get to see the game, but listened to it while sitting in traffic for an hour and a half near Louisville on the way to visit the Predator-in-law, and it seemed like Sonny did okay in his NHL debut.  This is good work by the Jackets management, giving lots of guys a taste of what the NHL is, while maintaining a winning squad up at Lake Erie.  I sure hope they solidify their playoff position, and the taste of the NHL should keep them motivated for more.  The reality of this year is that it is about getting some reps for the young guys, with the knowledge that the reps will pay off in the long run.  Seth Jones may have 200 games in the NHL, but these are his major reps as 'the man', and the experience will help him a lot moving into next year.

The sun is setting on this season for the CBJ, but the beauty of the game is that it rises again next year, and we start with a clean slate.  We recognize that this year, where perhaps we were deluded last year on this issue.  But we get to enjoy a few more games before summer, and that will be fun.


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