Thursday, September 8, 2016

Hoo Boy! THAT Got the Juices Flowing!

THAT's what we're talking about right there!
So I went to my boss the other day, and suggested to him that I might not be in the next morning, as I wanted to attend the USA Hockey practice today.  His sage advice was, 'you got the time, why don't you take the day off?'.  You got to love wisdom out of your boss.

The practice today was just that, a practice.  Fun to attend, good for basic photography, but not necessarily inspiring.  Having been assured by the R-Bar on twitter (@R-Bar_AD) that they not only offered doctor's excuses for missing work, but that they were streaming a couple of World Cup of Hockey exhibition games, I headed there after the practice.

So the practice was totally good.  Starting to get the feel of it all, especially liking the power play.  But once ensconced in the R-Bar, and watching the SWE - FIN and RUS - CZE games, I started to get really excited.  Sweden has a really good team, and they spent a lot of time putting the Fins on their heels.  That's like an Ohio State - Michigan exhibition game there, not a lot of love lost.

In the RUS - CZE game, Bobrovsky was in goal, and it was good to see him playing like the Bob of old.  Once back home, twitter reported that Bob made an unbelievable save in OT to send the game to a shoot out in the Russian win.  These were competitive games, even though they were exhibition games, and there were a couple of scuffles in the Sweden - Finland game.

So tomorrow night, Canada vs USA, exhibition game in Nationwide Arena.  Already the hair is standing up on the back of my neck, and I will get to break out my USA jersey with Mike Modano's autograph on it.  Speaking of jerseys, twitter was showing the team picture for USA in their game jerseys, and they look SWEET!  Hmm.  Time for a trip to the credit union.

Hockey fans are going to like this World Cup of Hockey thing.  I am already getting ramped up in a way I didn't think possible a few days ago.  The competition is excellent.  Let's see where this goes!


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