Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sometimes You Have Those Nights

Pierre-Luc Dubois, who is irrelevant to this discussion.
Nowhere is the benefit of the Blue Jackets strong start better exemplified than by tonight's result.  Two turnovers at the blue line end up in the net against the good guys, and finally they suffer a loss.  Turns out that happens to every NHL club, every year.  Not time to panic.

The Jackets face a tough back to back later this weekend and it could have negative results.  Their play has been degrading of late, as is normal for teams that keep winning, and now they will have to gather themselves, and re-assert how they played early in the season.

The best part of this loss is that it sucked.  Not like last year, when I was immune to losing by this point.  No, this one did not feel good, and that is a good thing.  Follow me?

This is a young team, and growth isn't necessarily a straight line to the promised land.  There are usually a few side trips to hell on the side, and this group is a long way from ready for a trip to the promised land.  The Flames looked like the first team we saw this year that came in resolved to put some pressure on Werenski, and he had some negative moments tonight.  Therein lies the seeds of wisdom.  The voice of experience can be harsh, but that is as journey each young player must make on their own.

Let me start this by saying John Torterella has done a great job with this group.  Torts is notorious for his line blender, but he has had the discipline to keep his lines relatively static this year.  He deserves a lot more credit than he is going to get for this.  He may make changes in the wake of tonight's loss, just to keep the opposition guessing, which would be a strategic move.  Give the other guy combinations he did not figure on.

I thought our guys played well tonight, and there was nothing lacking in their effort.  There were a lot of scramble plays tonight, which is the hallmark of good defensive play on both sides.  Calgary put their chances in the net tonight, while I thought the Jackets were trying to be a bit to fine around the net.  Nonetheless we did not score tonight.  No arguments with the result, if you want to win you better score some goals.

Not a night to worry about.  I raises the concern level about the weekend tilts, but we have to catch up on number of games at some point, and the next few days is a result.

I'd like to see the defensive pairs switched up.  Werenski with Savard, Jones with Murray, and Johnson with Nutivaara.  Jack has to play the right side, but he can do it, and the speed of that third pair would be something to behold.

Props to Calgary tonight.  Good on them.  They are irrelevant to the Blue Jacket's mission, though you would like every point you can lay your hands on.  So there it is, time to move on already.


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