Monday, June 26, 2017

Another Good Hockey Trade

Brandon Saad, 1 day before taking a smile altering puck
in the teeth.  Training Camp 2015
On Friday morning, Jarmo Kekalainen made another 'good hockey trade', by sending Brandon Saad back to Chicago in exchange for Artemi Panarin, in a trade that likely improves both hockey clubs.  There were other moving parts to the trade, but this was the headline, and rightfully so.

Brandon Saad was a good player for the Blue Jackets, and it could fairly be said that we likely had not yet seen the best he had to offer.  We had signed him to a long contract, and in my mind he had plenty of time to become the guy we needed him to become.

Consider this.  Saad came from a Cup victory to a team that rewarded him with a hefty contract, and promptly punted a season in the span of 8 games.  This had to be baffling to him. Fortunately he got to experience a turn around with essentially the same group the following year.  That experience will make him a better player in the context of Chicago.  When he speaks of adversity in their locker room, the words will come from one who has known adversity.  So good luck in Chicago Mr. Saad.

Coming the other way is a player who can be a dynamic scorer.  Panarin has scored 30 goals in consecutive years, and will move from the second line to the top line.  Yes, other teams will adjust, but the Jackets have shown an ability to score by committee, so it won't be like in days of yore when Nash was the only scoring threat on the team.  Between Panarin, Atkinson, and Bjorkstrand, we have some guys who can do some serious sniping, so if another team commits to shutting down Panarin, we have other guys who can make it hard for them.  In addition, he does a lot of his scoring on the Power Play, and ours looked like it needed another finisher towards the end of the year.  It should be fascinating to see how this plays out.

I watched a video clip of Panarin one-timing a pass from Brent Seabrook for a goal, and all I thought to myself was: Zach Wereneski can make that pass.  Seth Jones can make that pass.  Heck, Markus Nutivaara can make that pass.  So, this looks really good.

A good hockey trade is defined as a trade that helps both hockey clubs, and both players.  The Seth Jones for Ryan Johansen has proven to be a good hockey trade.  I feel this trade fits that mold.

Welcome to Columbus, Artemi!  We have a few details to work out.  Do you like 'the Breadman'?  Are we allowed to have an Arti Parti?  We'll sort that out during the season, a season that may well promise some highlight reel stuff from a dynamic player in a new role.  Dang, I can hardly wait.