Friday, October 23, 2009

10 Thoughts about Game 8: Edmonton

1. After giving up a goal in the game's first minute at Edmonton's Rexall Place, the Columbus Blue Jackets settled down, regained their composure and dropped 4 straight goals on the Oilers over the back half of the 1st period and the front half of the 2nd.  They then forgot that it wasn't Eastern Standard Time and went to sleep.  The team awoke to find that they lost the game, 6-4.

2. The league's number one penalty killing team gave up two goals on power plays tonight.  The streak of consecutive penalty kills died  at 29, apparently only 2 short of a team record.

3. Marc Methot apparently has come down with the flu and played like it when letting the first goal past him.

3a. The rest of the team would be well-suited to use the flu excuse for last night's performance.

3b. Methot's illness makes me think that Mike Commodore, who warmed up as Methot was a game-time decision, will get playing time in one if not both games in Southern California over the weekend.

3c. Mike Commodore's intermission interview on Fox Sports Ohio makes me wonder why the Blue Jackets didn't loan him to FSO as a second analyst during this injury break.  Mike's got great camera presence and would offer a terrific insight for the Blue Jackets fans.  I bet he would have enjoyed it, too.

4. I'm not sure what's more surprising: Raffi Torres scoring a goal and the Jackets NOT winning the game, or Kristian Huselius scoring at all.

4a. Huselius scored twice, by the way, clearly celebrating his move to the second line.  He seemed to have decent chemistry with Jake Voracek, who had assists on both goals.

5. Nikita Filatov played 5:42 on the right wing.  He had one near-breakaway that was stuffed by an open-ice hit around center ice.  He played no worse than Jared Boll in my estimation, and his upside is infinitely higher.  I'd keep playing him.

6. As the Jackets only showed up for half a game, I'm only doing half of my 10 Thoughts this time.  Jackets, go sit in the corner and think about what happened last night.  AND NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN.

7. Ever.

8. Ever.

9. Are you hearing me?

10. That was Edmonton for Pete's sake!

Next game is Saturday night on the Pond in Anaheim.  If the Jackets are to go .500 on this road trip, they have to win both weekend games in Southern California.

This effort would be helped immeasurably if Captain Rick Nash actually took a shot on goal, something he didn't do in Edmonton.  

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