Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Darcy Hordichuk got slapped on the wrist

As we Blue Jackets fans are aware, the Vancouver Canucks' Darcy Hordichuk took a cheap shot at CBJ forward Jared Boll that kept him out of the Vancouver game and threatened his participation in future games.  In case you haven't seen the hit, here it is:

Luckily, it appears that Jared's OK and will be back soon.  Thank God for small favors.

In addition to the two-minute minor assessed during the game, the NHL fined Hordichuk $2,500 for the hit.  $2,500 for a hit on a defenseless player who had already been checked, a hit that made CBJ fans think that the team had to suffer through yet another concussion (see Chimera and Sestito from the preseason).

So what is $2,500 in the grand scheme of things to this guy?  I looked around the web, ran some calculations based upon what I learned and came up with the following:

1. Hordichuk played in 73 games for the Canucks 2 years ago.  (Last year, he played in 3 games...I doubt that will be the case again so I used the higher number.)
2. Looking at his minutes this season, he's playing an average of 7.4 minutes per game...commensurate with a fourth-liner.
3. Extrapolating that out over the course of a  73-game season that means he will likely play 541 minutes this season.
4. His salary is $750,000 per year.
5. The $2,500 fine is .33% of his salary.
6. .33% of his 541 minutes is 1.8 minutes.

That's right, his fine is roughly equivalent to a two-minute minor penalty.  Now, THAT will surely grab his attention and serve to deter him from making future cheap shots, right?  Right?

Come on, stop laughing...

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