Saturday, December 5, 2009

10 Thoughts about Game 29: Colorado

1. The Columbus Blue Jackets "welcomed" disgraced former team captain Adam Foote and the Colorado Avalanche back to Nationwide Arena and played about 30 minutes of hockey in losing, 3-2.

1a. Here are the highlights:

2. The Jackets made a late push in the 3rd period and almost tied it up with about 12 second left on a Jason Chimera shot.  Upon further review, it was revealed that the puck went under the side bar and thus never crossed the goal line.

2a. The referees never told the Nationwide crowd that part - they just said that the puck never crossed the goal line.  The crowd didn't accept that very well.

2b. The Twitter post of the week followed from SeppeSai: "You're forgetting that the common NHL referee feeds on human misery. Our sadness is his bread, our tears his wine."

3. The Jackets scored on two ugly little garbage goals - which warmed my heart. Both Jason Chimera and Jake Voracek did the tough work in/around the crease to get the puck past the line. And Chimera almost got another in the same manner. Gotta like that.

4. Thanks to my sister-in-law and the rest of my big brother's (Blue-Grey Jacket?) family for inviting the Dark Blue Jacket family to join them in the loge for tonight's game. Dark Blue Onesie won't be attending a Jackets game this year, but you can bet that he'll be there in the years ahead.

4a. If you EVER get a chance to see a game from loge seats, jump at the opportunity. Really. It's a great way to watch a game.

4b.  I snagged a couple souvenir schedule cups for home use.  If you read this blog, you know that's important.

5. I'm not sure what I expected from the crowd in the return of Adam Foote, but the booing every time he stepped on the ice seemed....underwhelming.

5a.  The pregame signs facing Foote as he warmed up were cute.  None particularly innovative ("Foote still sucks" for example), but it's the thought that counts.

5b. I think we had more (weak) hits on Foote than shots on goal in the 1st period (4).

5c. Why didn't we have some big guys on Foote?  It seemed like he was being bodyguarded by Huselius and Brassard.  Those guys don't lay hard checks...

5d. Perhaps the biggest disappointment of the loss is that Foote got the win.

6. Turnovers again were a problem.  Not a problem on the level of the Toronto game, but a problem nonetheless.

7. In his postgame presser, Hitch suggested that the team lacked the sense of desperation - the feeling of loathing losing.  See for yourself:

I'd agree. There is a definite lack of urgency. Perhaps, as Hitch suggests, the return of Dorsett (and maybe Modin?) will light a fire under some of the players.

7a. Hitch also said that, because of the rough game schedule, they haven't had a real practice in three weeks. If you were wondering why the Jackets have pretty much looked the same - night after night - that might be the reason.

8. If you really don't bother showing up until halfway through the 2nd period, you shouldn't expect to win.  And Columbus didn't.

9. I again didn't miss listening to the Fox Sports Ohio announcing team.

9a. I did listen to the CBJ radio guys on the postgame show on XM Home Ice on the way home. They took calls from listeners and, in a refreshing display of candor, agreed with a lot of what the irritated masses had to say. When they disagreed, they took the time to explain why. I like George and Bob.

10. Just another couple of games, and the CBJ will be a .500 team. It'll happen before we know it!

NEXT UP: The (not-so) feared Florida Panthers invade Nationwide on Wednesday night. It's a game that we should probably win, which means we'd best bring our A-game lest we get ambushed again.

Photos from Yahoo NHL.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it, DBJ!


  2. Your Friendly Pens FanDecember 7, 2009 at 7:14 PM

    You mentioned the signs welcoming Foote back to Columbus. On Saturday, Mr. Hossa returned to Pittsburgh for the first time since he lost the Cup - twice. There was a fabulous sign I saw which said "Hey Hossa - what did you do with your day with the Cup...oh wait..."

    Loved it! Unfortuntely, Hossa responded by scoring first. Oh well.

    @Jamie - I think he was referring to you being the "older" brother - grey. I don't know. I might be reading too much into it though.


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