Friday, December 4, 2009

Pass the maalox, please

Two news items popped up that don't warrant detailed analysis, but they do deserve mentions.
Rather than peel paint off the walls of Teh Internets, I'll just say that I'm underwhelmed at the (in)action since the Columbus Chamber released their report on the Blue Jackets and the Arena District almost a month ago.  I hope that this move is a meaningful display of intent by the Powers That Be.  Even moreso, I hope that the CBJ ownership can continue to be patient with the Powers That Be.
So Nikky's a prima donna.  Tell me something I didn't know.  Perhaps this article will inject a little reality into the Pollyanna-ish discussion about him playing for the Jackets again as long as Hitchcock is coach.  It won't happen.  

Both articles only continue the indigestion that started last night against Toronto.  Anyone got a tums?

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