Thursday, October 14, 2010

CBJ Blogger Roundtable: Part 4 - Media predictions and Rick Nash

Want some more Columbus Blue Jackets blogger roundtable goodness?

Then head on over to Jackets Required, where the crew gathers to discuss the potentially uninformed "big media" predictions of another year of purgatory for the CBJ.  In the back half, we tackle what removing CBJ captain Rick Nash (UPDATE: from the penalty kill, of course...thanks, Matt!) will mean to his scoring.

Once again, The Cannon hosted the first installment of the now-four part series.  This blog posted the second part.  The JacketsBlog had yesterday's episode.

Always a good read...well, except for my pithy statement about Rick Nash. Enjoy!

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  1. ...I hope you mean removing Rick Nash from the PENALTY KILL, man. :) I think removing him permanently might just affect things badly.


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