Thursday, October 21, 2010

Do we FINALLY have a new 3rd jersey leak?

(Image from Icethetics)
Having been totally wrong on the new third jersey design - embarassingly so - I've been gun-shy on any speculation post-CannonFest.

The Icethetics blog, however, unearthed a gem on a youth goalie mask.  The mask is the graphic to the left.  Check out the logo on the forehead.

Is THAT the centerpiece logo of the long-awaited new Columbus Blue Jackets third jersey?

We've been told that it will have a cannon motif, and this one has two cannons.  It's got the now-signature star from uniforms past, and it shares the red and blue color scheme with other logos (yet it shockingly passed on the neon green from the hockey stick of the original logo!).

On the presumption that it IS the new third jersey logo (here we go again...), I'll simply say that I'm encouraged - but withholding judgement.  It is not abhorrent.  It has potential.  However, it doesn't knock my socks off.  That's the world of aesthetics for you - some people like it, some don't and some can't muster any passion either way.

The logo does, however, intrigue me as to the design of the full jersey.  Perhaps the crew at Fort Knox Nationwide Boulevard will release a preview soon?  Please?

[UPDATE: From the comments, it looks like we have a potential false alarm.  You'd think I'd learn...]


  1. I don't really like it at all :( The cannons say nothing about CBJ/Columbus/Ohio. But thats a pretty sweet goalie mask!

  2. I guess it still could be the new 3rd jersey design, but that logo isn't new or anything. If you look on ebay or on the net for CBJ mini goalie masks for sale, you'll see that was the design they had last year for sale. So, I'm not sure this a 'leak' or anything. It still could be what they go with, but that design on the front has been around on the mini masks for awhile now.

  3. i just hope it doesn't say JACKETS across the front. too many teams are doin that crap. ie: sens, bolts, dallas, minnesota, buffalo, thrashers.

  4. It does have the X which would signify 10 years...

  5. R.J. Umberger said that he saw the third jersey last year, so maybe this could be it.


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