Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Now's your chance

The Columbus Blue Jackets are making their big push with the public this week, and people who are on the fence with this team should stand up and take notice.

First, the Blue Jackets formally introduced their big two new roster additions, Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski, to the media today and the ticket package holders tonight.  Here's the afternoon press conference:

The Blue Jackets then held a conference call with ticket package holders this evening with GM Scott Howson, Carter and Wisniewski. I'd seen the presser, and the call came during dinner, so I chose to eat with Mrs. DBJ and the Dark Blue Toddler.  (Sorry, you gotta have priorities...especially in the off-season.)

The franchise relaunch - and I think it can be considered a relaunch - continues tomorrow (Thursday) from 5-8PM at Nationwide Arena, where the Blue Jackets AGAIN will hold a "Select a Seat" open house for potential ticket package holders to scope out the arena and pick the seats that best work for them.  Beyond's the splash graphic from the CBJ's website:

Three bonafide roster stalwarts for autographs.  Free swag.  Cheap eats.  Kids stuff.  Not too shabby.

Considering that you can buy 6-game packages where you select the games for $99 per seat (not per game, per seat for all 6 games combined), there's nothing but upside for the potential ticket package holder.  It's a ridiculous value.  And it gets better for partial season ticket packages, really it does!

I'm not sure how I can say this best, so let me try this:  Columbus fans have been dissatisfied with what they've seen on the ice.  Fans have stayed away.  The Blue Jackets have clearly noticed.  They've made the effort to step up their game with the new stars and roster additions at all levels.  If you are remotely inclined to get some tickets yet still find yourself on the fence, now's the time to jump in.

Enjoy the party, everyone!  Carry The Flag!

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