Friday, July 1, 2011

One last thought before free agency opens up

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Mrs. DBJ isn't much of a Blue Jackets maniac like me, but it would take hiding in a cave to miss that the CBJ traded for Jeff Carter.  When she mentioned the fact to her boss, a ticket package holder, she commented on how Carter had gone into his shell (at the time).  His words were profound:
He'll get here, and he'll love Columbus.  They all do.  
I won't say that EVERYONE has loved their time in Columbus, but - by and large - most do.  Many ex-Blue Jackets still live in the area.  That's telling.

Any individual that the Blue Jackets are looking at for free agency needs to take a minute, open their eyes to reality and see that Columbus is one impressive situation.  The community, the facilities, the emerging's all there.

You'll love Columbus.  They all do.

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