Tuesday, November 20, 2012

FSO fires up “Slap Shots in 60”

A release received today from FOX Sports Ohio:

FOX Sports Ohio and the Columbus Blue Jackets are pleased to introduce “Slap Shots in 60”, a series of 60-second vignettes highlighting Blue Jackets activities.

“Slap Shots in 60” is hosted by Dave Maetzold and Natalie Taylor, and will feature various news, relevant topics, and events surrounding the Jackets.

Fans will see “Slap Shots in 60” running throughout FOX Sports Ohio programming beginning Tuesday, November 20th.
I know, I know...the FSO Blue Jackets blogger is out there hyping FSO Blue Jackets programming.  Guilty as charged.  

At the same time, let's recognize this effort for what it is: In the middle of a mind-numbing lockout, the Blue Jackets' television broadcast partner is still trying to create meaningful content about a team that - with the exception of hiring a new top dog in hockey operations - doesn't have much happening at the NHL level.  And "doesn't have much happening" is being generous.  So good on FSO for green-lighting this project.

Lastly, I'll note that FSO has Dave Maetzold and Natalie Taylor as their on-air talent.  I am not particularly close with either (they could be great folks for all I know, but circumstances have never allowed) but greatly respect their broadcast skills and dedication to the Blue Jackets.  Mega-kudos to FSO for helping them continue to work on the beat they clearly enjoy so much, helping keep their broadcast team in the fold while we all wait out this lockout.  

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