Monday, November 12, 2012

No Work, No Pay

Stinger has to show up to get paid!
Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch is among many reporting that the current line of thinking by the NHLPA is that they should get paid for the whole season, no matter how many games they play.  Once again, neither side is thinking about the fans.  While I could concede that there may be some few special cases where a fan gets paid for not working, the overwhelming majority gotta show up and work to get paid.

There was a proposal on the table to play a full season starting on November 1.  When the NHLPA rejected that deal, they also rejected the notion that they would play and get paid for a whole season.  I think the grade school retort of 'its the owners lockout' is ludicrous.  The only thing the lockout does is prevent a player strike two days before the trade deadline, a known Don Fehr tactic.  So this whole line of reasoning, and child like retorts, gets zero traction with me, and I suspect many other fans.  It would be wise for the NHLPA to distance itself from this stance quickly.  All that does is give the owners incentive to cancel the 2013 season here and now, because that would wipe this contract year off the books.

The working stiffs who are paying the bills don't get this.  There's still a deal to be had if both sides can stay away from the stupid stuff.

Personally, I believe a deal will get done because the loss of this season highly benefits the CBJ.  Brad Larsen is forging a winning nucleus for our club down in Springfield, and it keeps us from rushing many of our young players, which tends to happen due to the talent void at the parent club.  Every game they play down there is money in the bank for the CBJ.  Additionally, loss of the season likely conveys some benefits in the next draft.  So since this stuff will benefit the CBJ, I think a deal will get done, because that's our luck.

Lose this line of reasoning players.  Its stupid!  You are not going to get paid for a full season that you did not play.  The owners are bleeding from the cancellation of the winter classic.  Both sides have been bloodied, and there is no moral high ground here.  Get to work and get a deal done.


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  1. Gallos,

    Good points. Particularly what is best for the CBJ usually doesn't happen.

    If the season is canceled, players will start to panic. Try losing a years worth of income. Its not easy for anyone. Players only get paid during the season, so they would have no income until Fall 2013, with a chance the lockout going into 2013.

    The owners in the big markets can deal with lost revenue, since they have deep pockets. The teams that operate in the red (CBJ), probably save money.

    It appears the league is desperately trying to help the small market teams with this deal. In turn that will employ more professional hockey players. This is great for Columbus, Nashville, etc., and the players.

    Donald Fehr is using MLB tactics...wrong sport.


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