Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gallos' Six-Pack for Game 40: San Jose Sharks


At the 5 minute mark of the third period tonight Mrs. Gallos nudged me, and pointed out that in the last game we bailed at that point to get a table for post game festivities with our friends.  This game was a completely different feeling, and we stayed around to watch Bob record the fourth shut out of his career, and his fourth shut out as a Blue Jacket.  If that doesn't say something about Philly's defense, it should.  Tonight the Blue Jackets validated their previous 6-2 victory over San Jose with a 4-0 shut out in Nationwide Arena.  

There was a good, spirited crowd of 17,771 tonight, but as a long time fan I can't help but observe that the last two years still loom heavy in the barn.  It was a nice, active crowd, but I have heard the barn in full bay like a pack of blood-hounds after Cool Hand Luke.  There is a palpable difference.  Nonetheless, the good things that this team has done is starting to slowly rebuild that noise.  It would be educational to see what happens if these crazy dudes make the playoffs.  

The CBJ took the lead in tonight's game in the first period off a really nice Matt Calvert goal.  In the second period the Jackets stretched their lead early in the second period off a nice James Wisniewski slap shot followed two minutes later by a Ryan Johansen wrister which was set up beautifully by Marian Gaborik.  Gaborik closed out the scoring in the third period, walking in off a beautiful feed from Artem Anisimov, and showing great patience as he scored.  Sweet stuff.

All in all, it was a completely different feel after this game compared to after the Minnesota game.  Winning is good for you!  And now for this games six pack!

Beer tastes better after a win!

1. My first, frosty cold Yuengling goes to Mr. Matt Calvert.  Part of the reason is that he scored the game winning goal in the first period (pretty cool).  The other part of the reason, is that in my nice neat world as the arm chair hockey GM, this game should be a poster child game showcasing the reasons why it is impossible for an NHL team to run a line with not one but two relatively diminutive players such as Calvert and Cam Atkinson..  See, the problem with that strategy is that eventually you will have to play the San Jose Sharks, who will use their superior size to simply push these players out of the game.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  The Calvert line looked dominant tonight with Letestu in the middle, trashing my theory about smaller players not being able to complete with the really large teams like the players on San Jose.  My theory may hold up on the road, where the Sharks coach has the last line change, but for now and at home, this line is very quick and tenacious on the puck, and they did a great job of keeping San Jose chasing them. Good stuff!!

2. My second nice, cold beer goes to our new scorer, Marian Gaborik.  I give him this beer for the patience he exhibited with the puck.  The first time on a beautiful pass to #Yoey for his second period goal, and the second time when he scored his own goal, taking a great feed from Arty, putting the goal tender down, and then walking to the open part of the net for the easy score.   The best part was that those goals really took the game out of San Jose's hands, and thwarted a come back attempt.

3. My third cold beverage goes to James Wisneieski, for his slap shot goal the second goal.  That goal firmly cemented momentum in the CBJ's favor, and was scored at a pivotal moment.  In spite of the fact that the Sharks did some pushing, for the most part, the CBJ seemed ready for it.  Wiz is finally getting a chance to get his slap shot going.

4. My fourth cold beverage goes for Sergei Bobrovsky, for his fourth career shut out, and his fourth shut out with the CBJ.  Bob was very solid tonight in goal, and the defense did a good job of keeping the Sharks to the perimeter.  Bobrovsky stopped all 30 shots that he faced.  Detective Bobrovsky was on the case tonight!!

5. My fifth, frosty cold beer goes to Ryan Johansen.  Yoey was thought to be questionable for this game, and the CBJ called Michael Chaput up from Springfield as a precaution.  Yoey was not to be denied though, and answered the bell, and scored a beauty of a goal on the great feed from Gaborik.  A real nice sniper's goal, which is good to see from him.  He seemed to have a good jump tonight.  

Adrian Aucoin
6. My sixth cold beer goes to Adrian Aucoin.  The elder statesman of the defensive corps survived the trade deadline by doing what he was brought in to do, which is be a great influence on the young D-men.  Paired with Wiz tonight, Oakes made a beautiful set up pass for Wiz's goal scoring slap shot.  Wiz has to take those shots off the pass.  Once you catch the puck and set it, the goal tender has time to respond.  Aucoin has done very well for the CBJ this year.  

All in all, this was a really fun game.  The CBJ shut out the Sharks.  You tell me if they were outworked!

Friday the Blues come to Nationwide, and the team has time to get a day off and to actually have a practice! Another crucial Western Conference tilt as the CBJ fight to keep their playoff hopes alive.



  1. Another great game! Gaborik's seems to be finding his game with the Jackets...that type of goal-scoring is exactly what Columbus has been needing.

    Bobrovsky is having the best year ever in goal for the Blue Jackets...a strong finish makes him a strong candidate for the Veniza.

    Never really thought about the Calvert-Cam line until you mentioned it...I think you put anyone on a line with Letestu & Cam and they'll look good; they have the 2nd and 3rd best +/- on the Jackets; Calvert has one of the worst at -9...

    Looking ahead to tiebreakers...in the event of a tie in points, the Blue Jackets are at a disadvantage- after points, you compare number of games won, but minus the shootout wins. And the Blue Jackets have won 4 that way, more than any of the other teams competing for the last playoff spots...

    Go Jackets! I still believe in this year! _Rick

  2. I'm not giving up on the playoffs, but regardless - I can't wait to see the future of this club (it's been over ten years since I could say that).

    Michael Davis (Westerville, OH)

    p.s. My 12 year old has nicknamed Bobrovsky: BOBBY SHAZAM!!!!! Bobby Shazam for the Veniza!!!!!!!!


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