Monday, April 22, 2013

@Morgan_Ward_140's Six-Pack for game 46: Sharks de San Jose

Lumbus 4 - San Jose Sharks 3 - F
8th Place in the Western Conference
I went ahead and put my twitter handle in the title of tonight's post.  I feel bad when Tom's DBJ twitter account gets peppered with response's to my posts, so there it is. 

The Blue Jackets enter tonight's game in San Jose needing to win all three games (preferably in regulation) and combined with the Stars and Wings to gain no more than 4 points in their remaining game to make the playoffs.  That formula gets the Jackets in the playoffs without having to worry about tie-breakers.  It's also means there are a lot of other games to watch that impact the Jackets.  How the Wings, Stars, and Wild play all impact the Blue Jackets, so by proxy we become fans of the Blue Jackets and "whoever is playing the Red Wings."  But tonight our focus is on the Blue Jacket's roadie in San Jose, a team that the Jackets have played well this season.  And well they did on this night.

Tonight's game turned out to be pretty offensive for the Blue Jackets.  Bob played solid, but the offense, and importantly the power play, were clicking tonight.  The third period saw the Jackets give up a two goal lead when the Sharks tied it at three thanks to Joe Pavelski.  But with less that two minutes to go, Ryan Johansen makes the Sharks pay dearly for a turnover at their own blue line and put the puck where Mrs Carter keeps the Oxy, top shelf.  (That's a Jeff Carter pill popping reference).

Tonight we celebrate with beers from the NHL Brewery

1.  Is it any surprise that Mark Letestu get the first tasty glass of "Jaromir Lager."  Because when it's crunch time and your best players have to be your best players, a guy making $625k will have to do. Marian Who?  But really, can you imagine if Rick Nash only had 1 point in 5 of the most important road games of the season?  But seriously Letestu, thanks for playing tonight. 

2.  Vinny Prospal, this can of Lord Stanley's Celebration Ale is for you.  You got sprung for a nice little break away and buried the puck in the net.  It was the first time this season my excitement matched the intensity of your celly. 

3.  Jack Johnson, you get a cool glass of Eric Cole Porter (see what I did there).  I'm not sure how you can have both your worst and best defensive plays of the season in the same game, but Anything Goes.  Fortunately, there was more good today than there was bad.  We'd like to see less bad.  Seriously, less Bad.

4.  A fourth beer was created in the past few games, the Dalton Prout Stout.  Strong, dependable, stay at home kind of beer. The label of this beer will definitely feature a helicopter and the United Center.  Prout has been playing big boy minutes the last few games. There's a rookie road bump here and there, but overall, not bad only 30-ish games into your NHL career. 

5.   Ryan Johansen, this glass of Dino Sniperelli Marzen is for you.  The biggest difference on the Blue Jackets this over previous CBJ teams is this team's ability to capitalize on the other teams mistakes. This is a prime example.  Then, take a can of Milbuy Extra Special Bitter Cider and hand it out to which ever detractor you choose.  The label of this beer will feature an image of Milbury going all Kruschev on a fan DURING A GAME  and a crying 12 year old.  Suck it, Milbury.  You're awful.  And your beer is a cider. 

6.  To honor a great team effort tonight, the sixth beer is for the whole team.  It's a case of Lake Placid Believe Wheat Beer.  That's right folks.  Whether I do believe or not, this team certainly does.  And really, that's all that matters.

The Blue Jackets worked hard all night - they were not outworked.  There were mental and physical mistakes in this game by the Blue Jackets.  In the end, the Jackets stayed calm, cool, and collected after blowing a two goal lead in the 3rd.  I don't want to jinx anything, but I think this team can actually get into the playoffs.  Of course getting into the playoffs would be easier if Gaborik started contributing a little more.  I've been a hockey player and fan for 30 years so my first date butterflies with Gaborik are gone.  Step it up buddy.  Prove Torts wrong.  Get on the Effing board.

The Jackets have a couple days off before they play in Dallas.  This upcoming game against the Stars might be an important one to win.  The #CBJBWW viewing party at BW3 in Powell is going to be so much fun.  Thursday's game will likely be the first 'Game 7' like experience for Blue Jackets fans.  I can't wait.  I will be there with my DKM Hockey Posse doing another on location Podcast.  Its so much fun when April hockey matters in Columbus.  So much fun indeed.


  1. Huge win! Throughout their history, it seems like the Jackets were prone to be on the wrong end of a goal in the final minutes...this is a brand new team!
    Your playoff math seems to be a bit off...if the Jackets win out, all we need is for Detroit to lose 1 game (of their last 4) to qualify for the playoffs...
    Thursday's game vs Dallas might be the biggest game in franchise history...a Dallas loss eliminates them; a Blue Jacket loss doesn't end their playoff hopes, but put them in a position for a lot of prayers...

    1. My math is always bad. I'm more of an X's and O's guy. I had it written down Detroit was one point back, not three, so you are correct.

  2. I beg to differ on your assessment of Gaborik. Who started the the play on the first goal with a nice cross ice pass...Gaborik. Who forced the D to turnover the puck on the second goal by Prospal...Gaborik. And who was planted in front of the goalie on the 3rd goal...Gaborik...some place you would never find Nash I might add. Gaborik doesn't have to score every game. Just his presence and mere threat ability has other teams looking what could be. Gaborik has played 10 games with the Jackets and has 7 points. I have no problem with what Gaborik has given us so far.

    1. One point I forgot...the days of Rick Nash AND the Columbus Blue Jackets are long gone. And I am not saying that because Nash wash traded...there is no [Insert Player Name] AND the Columbus Blue Jackets. No one player on this team is bigger than any other player. They are a team, a unit, they are one...they are the COLUMBUS BLUE JACKETS...period.

    2. It's Calvert's, Foligno's, Dublinsky's jobs and skill to generate chances by doing those things you mentioned. If Gaborik was getting Calvert money, I'd have no problem with 1 point in 5 huge games. My expectations at $7.5 million a year are slightly higher than Letestu or Atkinson.

    3. Sure, I want to see Gaborik score as well as every other player you mentioned and those you did not. If what Gaborik does leads to Calvert or Arty or Duby or Vinny or whomever scoring that works for me. That is how this team is made up. Everybody pitches in whether it be scoring a goal or setting up a team mate or screening the goalie or forcing a turnover. Just look at the last few games, it has been somebody different every night. The days of relying on one player to score our goals is thankfully done. I also have no doubt that Gaborik's numbers will vastly improve once he has more time to get in tune with the other players. It takes time to get into sync with new team mates and Gaborik has only had 10 games and virtually no practice.

    4. One other point about Gaborik. If what he does results in his goal/assist total going down but causes other players totals to end up higher than they otherwise would have been, I can live with that.

  3. About Thursday's game being the first "Game 7" like experience for Blue Jackets fans...are you serious? What would you call the last 7 games?

    And lets go back to game 4 against Detroit in 09. It may have been game 4 but that had all the makings of a game 7 feel to it. I know, I was there and had no voice for 2 days after that game.

    1. I passed on tickets to game 4, game three was pretty fun but that's because we got hammered. The 09 team for me, was the emotional opposite of this season's team. The 09 team went something like 3-5-2 or something in it's last 10 games, clinging to a playoff spot. However, the Blue Jackets played like everyone expected them to in the playoff series and underwhelmed. The back and forth slop of game 4 hand me pulling my hair out, not celebrating greatness.

      The feel of this year's team is so dynamically different than 09. The team is fighting for a playoff spot. Every game matters, every game is a battle. In 09 they sort of hung around long enough to pick up a playoff spot. The atmosphere surrounding this team trying to EARN a spot in the playoffs is a completely different realm of excitement. All eyes will be on that game Thursday night. Every shift, every shot, every save will matter for the team to earn something. In 09, we watched hoping the Jackets would lay a turd in the playoffs.

    2. I made absolutely no comparison or reference for that matter to how the 08/09 team finished the season and how that compares to what is currently happening and the significance of the previous seven games but that is what you focus your reply on? OK, whatever.

      Everyone of the last 7 games has had a game 7 feel to it. The players even said they were approaching the last 9 games as if each was a game 7. So your reference to Dallas being the first game 7 like feeling for Blue Jackets fans is...well...sorry, but just plain nonsense.

      And as far as game 4, there was no mention or even hint of celebrating greatness. It was about the excitement of the game and do or die, win and keep playing, lose and you are done. Hmmm...kind of like a game 7.

    3. It was my observation and opinion. You're welcome to attack it any way you wish. I still maintain tomorrow night's game will be like no other in Blue Jackets history. Every level of the sports world from Hot Dog vendors, to outside bloggers, to regularly critical members of the sports media will be watching and rooting for the Blue Jackets tomorrow night. No greater stage has been set for the Blue Jackets, no potential victory sweeter. Then we get to do it all again on Saturday.

  4. Agree with comment Gaborik has been fine and helped a lot last night. Also Prout actually had a bad night for him. But how much fun is this? I was hesitant to give up Bras as he was playing so hard but Gabbies skill scares the other teams, he just won't use his body.
    Sport doc

  5. Still hanging in there...

    Never give up.

    Joe in Vancouver

  6. No help from the 'Yotes last night...or former Blue Jackets- Klesla & Vermette penalties kept Detroit on the power play; the Red Wings capitalized with 3 goals with the extra skater...Phoenix is not mathematically eliminated, but even if they win their last 3, they can only get to the playoffs if 3 of the 4 teams ahead of them don't win any more games.

    I'll be a Kings fan for the next two days: they play Minnesota & Detroit...