Sunday, August 18, 2013

Cannonfest IV: Jarmification

Jarmo Kekalainen was a welcome addition
to Cannonfest IV
There's something a little bit sad about a hockey fan in August.  Yeah, it's summer.  The weather is stunningly wonderful.  There are lots of things to do, including unwelcome chores such as mowing the grass.  But hockey runs in our blood, simmering below the regular season churn, and the full born blood boil of the playoffs, or the run thereto.  Thus was Cannonfest born, out of the excess energy of the angst and the hope, an oasis of hockey in the midst of the desert of August.

Such it was today, as hundreds of hockey fans gathered for the fourth edition of Cannonfest, held at Buffalo Wild Wings on Bethel Road.  This venue offered more space then the more intimate gatherings at BW3 in Grandview, which was badly needed given the size of today's crowd.

One of the best parts of today was the sense of community.  With the DKM podcast humming in the background, fans got to re-connect with good friends and colleagues oft seen during the season.  Videos from many sources were shown, with the highlight being this year's offerings from Tom Larrow, (@Skraut), the best fan videos in North America.  Skraut brought us a tribute to George Matthews, which yours truly really liked, as well as a reflection on who our heros were this past year.  Matt, over at the Cannon has an awesome recap of the evening including the videos.  But the best part of the day was when Rick announced that Jarmo Kekalainen was in attendance.  The fans really responded to his commitment and willingness to be there, and rewarded him with a standing O and a throaty Jackets cheer.  I think its fair to say Jarmo was surprised (in a good way) by the number of fans and the intensity of the event.
DKM insanity proceeds apace.
Personally, this was a highly fulfilling event.  Having Jarmo there was a big adrenaline kick.  The size of the crowd was awesome.  The video was great all night, along with Morgan's hauntingly plaintive mourning of Vinny Prospal's situation.  And I spent a lot of time fussing about fancy stats with my Buddy Bill.  Crazy stuff, @zekebud getting in my head with that.

And for those that were unable to attend, here are photos of the event over on the Union Blue.

While our own Dark Blue Jacket played an undeniable role in helping to get Cannonfest rolling, it must be emphasized that the folks over at Full Mental Jackets and the Cannon put together this year's addition, and deserve undiluted credit for putting together an awesome event.  Thank you!!

Read the re-caps.  See what folks have to say.  And plan to be there next year!  Cannonfest IV was the best ever, and the trajectory is upwards!!


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  1. Major kudos for Jarmo showing up and even more for participating! Already GM of the year in my opinion.
    I wish I could have been there, I'm a Jackets fan since their inception; but I live more than 2 hours away!
    I became a hockey fan when the NFL moved the Browns - it was my last straw with that league. Gave that slow-paced sport up cold turkey- and I moved to hockey as my winter vice. The CBJ were infants, but they had more excitement than the Pens then (who were busy compiling #1 picks), and now the Jackets are, by far, my favorite team. And they will win the Cup this year.
    Thanks to everyone who reads this and thanks to the Dark Blue Jacket blog for keeping positive even when things looked darkest...