Thursday, August 8, 2013

Metro Musings

Money Problems for the Devil Wrenches
Over on Puck Daddy, the only place where anything is really going on in the summer, they are saying that the NHL is poised to take over control of our new division rivals, the New Jersey Devils.  Like with the whole Kovalchuk to the KHL thing, its good to see a powerful division opponent harming itself from within.  On the other hand, the Coyotes ownership problems didn't seem to affect the team Dave Tippett was putting on the ice, and they played rather well through the whole ordeal.

I expect pretty much the same from the Devils really.  The players will still be motivated, and the fans will still be there (I'm lookin' at you Wyshynski), so they will probably end up turning in a decent season.  Like the CBJ, one wonders where the scoring will come from in New Jersey.  In fact, when I look at things in the new Metro Division and try to figure out where the CBJ will land, I reflect that we will probably be playing a similar style to the Devils.  If we can do that, we will occasionally find some success over the years.  And, we'll probably finish lower than we want in some years.  That's the way of it.

I am really looking forward to this season.  I think this whole Metropolitan Division thing is exciting, and I'm looking forward to these games.  There's a lot of history in these franchises that we will be part of now, and that is one of the fun things.  Sigh.  August is worse than the damn lockout.  But, Cannonfest looms, thank God, and there will be some relief for the hockey starved.

Also over on Puck Daddy, our colleagues over on the Cannon take a shot at the League of Nations project for the CBJ.  Well done lads.  Last year we did the Puck Daddy project.  A word of advice for you young folks out there, if the CBJ finish last in the league, its a good time to respectfully decline.  Every insecure teenager on the planet will be lining up to bash you.  Otherwise, its a good thing.

In general, I like August.  When else can you ride your motorcycle in the rain and still be warm?  But I hate the lack of hockey, and I can't wait for training camp to open.  However, always remember:

Sunday, August 18, 2013
Buffalo Wild Wings -Bethel Road
2 PM
(okay seriously, probably 1:00 if history is any guide and you want a good table, but that's not the official start time, so don't pay any attention to me)

Remember.  Cannonfest is about hockey fans helping hockey fans cope with August.  It takes a Village to raise a hockey fan.  It's your community duty to be there.  Of course the wings and beer are a nice compensation for doing your duty.


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