Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Motion on the Table

Happy Holidays Blue Jackets Fans!  Here we sit, with the NHL shut down for the holiday, with nothing to do except eat, visit with family, and watch the NBA <shudder>.  Well, it turns out that there is one we can do during this down time.  Share a little bit of input on what you want to see in the blog.

Every year as the season approaches (well, except maybe last year which was a mad scramble), we carefully consider what type of product to put on the table for the season.  We do this for fun, but we don't want it to get stale, so we try new things.

We don't really want to get in the business of writing a recap. There are already several excellent recaps of each game produced on other blogs.  We don't need to recreate the wheel.  So we thought for this year, we would share our thoughts and perspective, and finish up with a little Haiku.  Something creative, and to keep us thinking.

However, earlier this week, with the most exacting political correctness, and great sensitivity to our finer feelings, the old grouch left us a comment:

Can we dump the game haikus? Bad idea. Bring back the six packs.

Well then.  You can't say we don't listen.  So I thought while we were killing time, waiting for the puck to drop again, we'd take a little survey to see if our readers agreed.  So if you don't mind, leave your thoughts in the comments, and shape the future of your reading pleasure.

The six-pack format was from a former blogger 'Light the Lamp'.  Along with entertaining us with some true snark, lots of good commentary, and some real original and funny thoughts, Light the Lamp originated the game 6-pack format.  Well, LTL withdrew from the fray, partly due to the soul crushing weight of the Arniel years, as well as to some increased time demands brought on by the presence of a wee one.  Last year, he graciously donated his format of doing the six pack after the game, as well as the graphic that goes with it.  To give you a feel for the format, I did the last game commentary in the six pack format.  

So what do you think?  If you've got the time and inclination, drop your thoughts on us, and we'll think it over for the rest of the season going forward.  Keep in mind we do this for fun.

Thanks as always for reading, and leaving us good comments.  You always make me think, so that's a good thing.



  1. I don't mind the haiku, but I'll admit to having a soft spot for the dearly departed LTL, so I'd vote for the Six Pack format. I'll keep reading either way.

  2. I personally really enjoyed the 6-pack format. I feel like it adds more than the haiku at the end. Thanks for the good work that you all do on the blog

  3. Six pack all the way. Dump the haiku.

  4. I'd like both, I'm totally greedy.

  5. Go with the six pack. It seems to give you more opportunity to to go in depth with your observations of the players as well as intangible aspects of the game in a fun format -IMHO.

  6. 6 pack, but have an additional idea: have key areas (assertiveness, offence, defense, passing, goaltending, turnovers, shooting, etc.) and rate each one on a scale from 1-5 with explanation. This can be trended over time to see if we are truely adhering to JDs "brick-by-brick" and "we will not be outworked" message and could start some interesting trade conversations. Just a thought. GO JACKETS!

  7. I know I'm a little late with this (Family obligations, so I'm just now catching up on my blog reading.), but I feel I need to expand on that earlier comment. I don't like the haiku for one reason. You seemed to have left off any analysis of players/game in favor of it. If you want to keep doing the haiku, fine, I'll just skip it. But bring us some analysis, too. Either the 6 pack, the game's top players, important moments or something like any of these. I admit that the one thing I liked about LTL (He was simply too negative for my tastes.) was the six pack, but what I really want from any blog/news story is a deeper look into the game.


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