Saturday, December 28, 2013

There will be days like this: Game 38, Devil Wrenches

Last night the Columbus Blue Jackets defeated the New Jersey Devils (aka Devilwrenches, check the logo) 2-1 in a shoot out.  Both teams take a point, but the CBJ take two, which leaves us in what is essentially a 4 way tie for the third spot in the Metro conference, a guaranteed playoff berth.  In the hunt, with reinforcements on the way.  This is shaping up to be one fun hockey season.

We're kind of limping into this one.  The DBJ is diligently trying to recreate the Christmas vacation movie.  Last I heard, the garbage disposal went down last night late.  Remember, no smoking near the sewer!  On the personal front, I'm down in Predators land, visiting with the in-laws.  You may not believe this, but the local TV barons are not scrambling to put the CBJ games on the tube down here.  So basically, I'm working off of Bob McElligott's dulcet tones from the radio broadcast.

Earlier this week we conducted a little reader poll, and the results were unanimous.  We will be bringing back the six-pack review for the rest of the hockey season.  A couple of things we'd like you to keep in mind.  The six-packs are more work for us.  Since we do this for fun, there will be times when circumstances just throw things in the crapper.  Like, say, today.  So we don't promise perfection, but we aim to please, so we'll see how it goes.  With that...

To me, for being a Boomer, and
forgetting to put the six pack graphic
on a thumb drive so I could use it on the road.
1.  Our first CBJ beer for last night's game goes to Curtis McElhinney.  Ya, ya, I know.  Brodeur is a legend.  But McElhinney stood tall in the shoot out, and shut them down for a huge extra point.  CMac and Mike McKenna have stepped up huge for the CBJ.  When Bobrovski went down, it served to focus the team, and CMac and McMac have done a great job of filling in. The job they have done has long term ramifications, such as not feeling you have to rush Bob back to save a season that is in the death spiral.  The team has tightened up its play for sure, but the goal tenders have done a good job of taking care of business in the crease.  This one's for you boys!

2.  Our second CBJ beer goes to Cam Atkinson, for assisting on the initial goal, and then scoring the only goal in the shoot out.  Cam has been bringing steady play of late, and is starting to fulfill the promise he has of being a good NHL player.  I wonder where his ceiling is?  With 10G-10A-20P Cam is part an ever increasing number of BlueJackets in double digits for goals this year.  That depth is great to have as we get into a stretch where play is going to ramp up.  The Jackets need to match that, and scoring depth is a good way to do it.

3. My third CBJ beer goes to Arty Anisimov.  I really thought he had a quiet early season, and played a role in some of the teams early struggles.  He seems to have solidified his game, and the offensive touch has emerged.  Scoring the first goal by jumping on a rebound, and roofing it over a sprawling Brodeur, Arty has put together a string of really solid games.  Atta boy Arty.

4.  My fourth CBJ beer goes to the Columbus Blue Jackets iPad app, which is really awesome if you are on the road and want to catch the game.  They have added the radio feed to it, and it has a function where you can follow the game, with players coming on, and a text version of significant events.  Coupled with McElligott's radio broadcast, it is a great way to take in the game if you are traveling.

5. My fifth CBJ beer is a bit of a weird one.  It goes to Jody Shelly.  Because Jody really only made a very short stop on the radio broadcast, before muscling in to help with the TV production.  Nice Jody!  Way to go.  He is pretty smooth, and has some good insights to the game.  He is a boost to either of the productions.

6.  My sixth CBJ beer goes to our readers.  Thanks for sticking with it, and thanks for letting us know your thoughts.  You keep this fun.

A day late, a dollar short, but in the books nonetheless.  Here's wishing you an enjoyable playoff race, 'cause we got one of them, you know!



  1. Great WIN! The game is on! This is a key moment, 17-17-1.

    Keep it up, Blue Jackets. You can do it.

    - Joe in Vancouver

  2. Thanks for the six pack! I can read summaries anywhere. I come here to see what other fans are thinking from a pro Vinny perspective.

  3. An excellent product tends to get more use. Whether we agree or not, the conversation is always enlightening and intelligent. Thanks for the hard work and the great site. LET'S GO JACKETS!!!!!


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