Monday, January 20, 2014

Errata, RE: Wildcard

Oops.  I just pushed the publish button without writing anything. That's embarrassing to say the least, and now I am in a hurry.  I did want to note that in yesterday's post I used an incorrect table of the standings to fuel my musings.  It turns out the CBJ are sitting in the Metro Division wild card spot and the doggone blog editor is fighting me every step of the way.

This is pretty cool, that they have fought their way back into the discussion after a slow start.  But now they need to keep winning, if they want to actually stay in this thing.  With all the teams in the race, someone, somewhere is going to be winning games.  So this upcoming stretch of home games is going to be critical to the outcome of the season.  But they are in the hunt in January, which is nice.


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  1. Fantastic to watch. The team is now 100% rocking. 2014 is a great year for this team, just as I expected.


    - Joe in Van


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