Friday, January 17, 2014

Game 46: Washington

Nyet, Mr. Ovechkin
Mano y mano.  Bobrovsky and Ovechkin, 1 on 1, with Ochovechkin at the top of the crease.  And Bob denies.  The game was 3-1 CBJ, but Washington had recently scored a goal to get into the game.  A goal by Ochovechkin in that moment makes it a one goal game with half the game to play.  But Bob fought him off, and the CBJ rolled from there, beating the Capitals 5-1 to win their fifth straight game.

Wow.  What a fun game to go to.  The Arena District was rocking tonight, and lots of quiet Caps fans were in attendance.  It was a really fun game.  The first half of the first period the Capitals came out skating hard, and the first 10 minutes was counter punching which favored the Capitals.  But the ice tilted after the 10 minute mark, and Cam Atkinson drew a tripping penalty.  Wisniewski buried a slap shot to give the Jackets a 1-0 lead, and the CBJ never looked back.

That doesn't mean the Capitals rolled up and died.  They made several pushes, especially in the second period, but the CBJ had an answer, and finally got into the win column this year against the Caps.  This was a highly entertaining game.

This one's for you LTL.  Just cause.
1. Tonight's six-pack begins with a frosty cool CBJ brew to Cam Atkinson, for a two goal night.  In Cam's words in the post game, the first goal was Dubinsky taking a shot, Calvert taking a couple more, and the puck finally bouncing to Cam, and he buried it.  The second goal was 2 maybe 3 seconds after a power play ended.  Ovechkin was in the box on a cross-checking penalty which was ending.  I swear 85% of the arena looked to the penalty box, just as he stepped on the ice to collect a minus for his +/-, but Cam had the puck, and he turned a laced one in for the Jackets 5th goal and to ice the game.  Cam had a couple of cracks at the hat trick tonight, but it wasn't meant to be.  With his 14th and 15th goals, Cam, barring injury, is on a pace to be a big time 20 plus goal scorer this season. Nice work tonight.

2. It's nice to hear Kathryn Tappen get enthusiastic on the CBJ on the NHL network.  Definitely going to make it a point to buy her this CBJ beer at the All-Star game.  Why not?

3. Ahem.  Where was I?  Oh yeah.  Joey.  Nice goal.  A good pass to Umberger, a good hustle play by Umberger to set him up for the snipe goal to make it 3-0 CBJ.  But that's not what this beer is for.  With 2:15 left in the second period, Matt Calvert takes a too many men penalty (a no brainer), so the Capitals had an abbreviated 5 on 3 power play.  Joey comes off the bench to win a critical face off, and promptly gets off the ice.  Shortly thereafter, with about a 2 seconds left in the 5 on 3, an obviously tired Johanson comes on the ice, and wins the face off for a quick rim around that hits Boone Jenner coming out of the penalty box.  Washington was looming with their 27% power play, but Joey won those critical face offs on the penalty kill that got us out of the second period with a 3-1 lead.  Stout play Joey.  Stout play.  Let's make this a 22 oz tall boy for you, because you earned it.

4. Bobrovsky.  Seriously?  This amazingly cold, smooth, delicious CBJ brewski goes to Sergei Bobrovsky.  He has been on fire since he returned from injury, NHL network just flashed up a .958 save percentage since he returned.  He made the big save to shut down Ovechkin, and consistently made good saves.  He is looking to be on top of his game.  Which is nice.  Go Bob!!!

5. Wiz get's this next cold beer for scoring his first power play goal on a slap shot on a lovely 4 on 3 power play.  Lot's of room and time, and Wisniewski hits the net.  That was the all important first goal, and launched the CBJ down the path of a win.  A hot power play for this next little while would be a handy thing to have, and Wiz has a lot to do with the success of those units.

6. This last CBJ beer is going to go to Jack Johnson.  It could have gone to Matt Calvert for an extremely scrappy night which included an assist.  But early in the game, as a Capital cruised through the crease, Jack just lowered the boom with a very clean, shoulder to shoulder hit that just buried the guy.  The Caps were a bit more tentative around the crease after that.  Jack has been playing pretty good hockey of late, though what motivates him, I don't know <inserts tongue in cheek>.

The CBJ get to 50 points.  They play Buffalo, a team that has struggled, in Buffalo tomorrow night.  Two more points are on the line.  Buffalo may be one of the worst teams in the league, but if you don't bring your game, you will lose.  The CBJ really need to bring their game again tomorrow night.  Great win tonight though!!!  Yee Haw!!  This is the cheers and tears of a playoff race.  It is to be enjoyed.


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  1. While it's nice to hear Kathryn Tappen, it's even nicer to see Kathryn Tappen