Sunday, February 9, 2014

Channel 10 interview with John Davidson

Presented on-air tonight, here's the extended version (thanks to Rob Kunz for making the world aware):
Davidson clearly is in his element as the to keep himself at 10,000 feet where he excelled as a TV commentator. Truth be told, this interview makes me think that interviewing Jarmo Kekalainen would be more insightful. Davidson's fun, but there's a level of granularity that I crave and Davidson can't/won't deliver. But don't let that comment deter from my appreciation for the interview. Davidson's a "team president" and carries himself as such.

Kudos to Beau Bishop for the interview, and to Channel 10 for doing its duty as a sports journalism center and giving the Blue Jackets the in-depth look that a major league franchise deserves.

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  1. Thanks for posting this, much appreciated.

    Let's hope the CBJ come out of the break with a burr under their saddle and improve upon their record of the past 40 days.


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