Saturday, February 8, 2014

Game 58: San Jose; Not Quite What You Wanted

That was a son-in-law game.  Not quite what you wanted.  <old golf joke>.  The San Jose Sharks prevailed tonight over the Columbus Blue Jackets in a hard fought 3-2 game.  San Jose came out flying against a tired team, and tallied 2 goals in the first period that they clearly won.  The heroes in this story showed great resolve; Ryan Johansen quickly scored a goal in the second.  Unfortunately, several penalties prevented the Jackets from capitalizing further, in spite of increasing offensive pressure from the penalty kill.  Matt Calvert, I'm talkin' to you.  In the third period the Sharks applied maximum pressure for a long shift and finally scored a very greasy goal on the equipment littered ice.  What can you say?  It was a good greasy goal.  So was Boone Jenner's first one which was waved off, but that's a different story.  Jenner got it back in the third period when Johansen made a sick between the legs feed to Horton, who corralled the puck enough to allow Jenner to one-time it in.  But that left the Jackets trailing 3-2, and San Jose kept the pedal down and prevailed.  San Jose definitely earned the win with hard work.  The Jackets worked hard, never gave up, but still came out short.  It was a fun game to watch.

As a fan, I am content.  No six pack tonight.  I really want to think about this.  

Youngsters play strong game,
Blue Jackets first goal achieved
Future play, our fate


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  1. Hope the Jackets don't lose momentum after the Olympic break.


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