Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cannonfest!! Wahoo!! Hockey in August!!

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Today our colleagues over on the Cannon, in conjunction with our colleagues over on the Union Blue announced the time, date, and location for Cannonfest 2014!!  We encourage you to check out this post on the Cannon for the exciting details, but the important thing is this:

Cannonfest IV, 2013
Sunday, August 31st 
400 W. Rich St Columbus, OH 43215


Kudos to Matt Wagner, Greg May, and Alison Lukan (@bzarcher, @gregin120, @AlisonL on Twitter, give 'em a follow!) for carrying on this awesome Columbus tradition.  Now I'm not saying Jarmo is going to show up, but it's not like it never happened before either.  Who knows?  This year even Jody Shelly may show up!!!
Cannonfest II at BW3 Grandview

This is a really awesome time to get your Blue Jackets fandom rolling in preparation for training camp, and the season to start.  Mark your calendars now!!  Plan to be there!!

One of the really great things about this year's Cannonfest is that the folks at Strongwater Food and Spirits are helping to put the event on.  In a selfless gesture of public service, I have sampled their wares, and I can attest to the quality of their 'strongwaters'! 

And Boomer goes 'sssssssssssssssss' on the DKM Hockey
This is a really great time for the whole family.  Why not let the kid witness the awe filled majesty of a DKM Hockey Podcast.  A memory sure to scar, er, last them a lifetime!

It's time for Cannonfest!!  One of the greatest times of the year, when it's not hockey season!  

Mark your calendar!  Be there!


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