Saturday, August 30, 2014

#SeeYouAtCannonFest, more than just a clever hashtag

By now you've heard all about CannonFest and all of the greatness that it will be.  You've seen all of your friends tweet about their excitement using hashtags #CannonFestV and #SeeYouAtCannonFest.

Here's the fun part.  Did you know that by tweeting #SeeYouAtCannonFest you are RSVPing for the event? As a thank you to those that announced their attendance in advance, a name tag will be printed for you!

Don't worry, we will still have blank name tags for you to fill in if you do not use twitter or never got around to tweeting the #SeeYouAtCannonFest hashtag.

you know, that one guy
As an example, this gentleman named "James" tweeted with the proper hashtag, and here it is!  It's like magic!

Name tags are not the only special treat in store for you at CannonFest.  Once you get there, be sure to sign up for the DKM Hockey Advanced Stats game show where they are giving away a 'must have' for every CBJ fan!

There is also a video contest where you can win free pizza for a year from Papa Johns!

For more details on all of the other great offerings at CannonFest, the Union Blue summarizes it well in this post.

So we would like to know, will we see you at CannonFest?

*disclaimer: the picture used above is an example and does not represent attendance from chosen person

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