Sunday, September 21, 2014

Umby Money and a Week

Joey wearing the colors of
the loyal southern
No one can question RJ Umberger's devotion and effort as a Columbus Blue Jacket.  It can also not be doubted that occasional shortcomings in hand softness, foot speed and hockey sense kept RJ from having the impact he really wanted to have.  There were those who called his $4 plus million contract a 'bad contract', and indeed, the CBJ moved that contract over the summer.  This I think is good for RJ, and wish him all the best.  He no longer has to be the 'heart and soul' of the locker room in Philly, and being overtaken in that role in Columbus was kinda tough on him I think.

But seriously.  After last year, the notion that Joey is worth less than RJ is kinda dumb.  So give Joey the same money as RJ, and get it done.  Even if he's not the real deal, Joey can give you RJ numbers.  So let's get this done.

From a fan's perspective, I expect Joey to be out of camp for at least a week.  If you are going to miss some of camp, you might as well miss at least a week to let 'em know you are serious.  So once the week time frame has passed, I respectfully request the parties to get Joey back in Union Blue.


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  1. Kurt Overcharge is starting to sober up. Two years/4.2 mil...done within 10 days.


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