Thursday, September 18, 2014

You're Our Only Hope, Obi Wan Dubinsky

Princess Morgan Delivers a Critical Message to Obi Wan Dubinsky
Hoo Boy!  What a week.  I am constantly reminded of how poor a predictor I am, as I watched another prediction go down in flames this week.  In the heat of a playoff push last spring I remember tweeting that I was no longer worried about a Blue Jacket being in the All Star game, as Ryan Johansen would be there for sure.  Thanks Overhardt for trashing that prediction!  Hockey fans are the most forgiving folks in the world (see Bettman, Gary re: lockouts), but Joey is burning good will starting tomorrow.  To get in the All Star game as a new All Star you need to perform, and a guy who is not on the ice isn't going to perform.  I always kind of expected to Joey not have quite the great year this year, just 'cause that's how things are.  But any missed time in the regular season pretty much trashes that hope.  I don't think Joey is about to go on a 50-60 goal tear, 'cause he would have to be on that pace to get any consideration for the All Star game at this point.  What is worth more going forward?  Sitting out, or being in the All Star Game?  In my personal opinion, of course, it's the latter.  Oh well, par for the course for a Blue Jackets fan.

Then comes the news from the team that Nathan Horton is hobbled by a bad back.  Long time Blue Jacket Fans remember well how awesome Freddy Modin was (a heavy player), but he had back spasms that 3 months later were diagnosed as fractured (more like cracked) vertebrae.  I've gotta tell you that's what's on my mind, because Modin never really seemed to recover from that injury.  Horton should take the time to make sure he's good and healthy before he returns.  Don't rush it!!  In some ways, this is a normal course of events when someone is returning from something major like the shoulder injury.  Other injuries crop up with regularity in these situations.  Get well Horton.

A good solid start would have really helped this team towards the goal of repeating in the playoffs.  At this point a .500 record going into December seems like a faint hope.  Another slow start.  Sigh. As my buddy Bill always says, these seasons never turn out the way you think they will.  Right now, it looks like they are back to clawing their way into things again, coming from behind.  The good news is that the young talent kicked some serious butt at the Traverse City tournament, winning the tournament for the first time since 2006.  Josh Anderson is a player to really watch with Horton starting the year injured.  It might be hard to deny him.  Needless to say Wennberg will at least get a look in pre-season on the top line with Joey holding out.

But, getting back to the initial subject of this post, who will make the All Star team?  Brandon Dubinsky has the name recognition to do it, but he needs to be on a real tear to start the season.  Which this team could really use at this point.

We need a player in the All Star Game!

You're our only hope, Obi Wan Dubinsky!!



  1. Bobrovsky Wan Kenobi?? It doesn't sing to me. Ha ha ha! Of course I would be tickled pink if Bob made it, and it's a contract year for him. And yes, perhaps he would be the front runner at this point.