Monday, April 13, 2015

DBJ's 5 Thoughts on the 2014-15 Blue Jackets

I didn't watch half as much CBJ hockey as all of you (You raise a family with three kids under the age of six and tell me with a straight face that you can watch 80-odd games of 7PM puck drops!), but I've kept abreast from afar and will keep my comments out of the weeds.

Using a familiar format from days past, here are my 5 Thoughts on the season just past:

1. Fire the conditioning and medical staff members.  Now.  Something went terribly, terribly wrong in the way this season came to pass.  That and that alone is the reason why the CBJ are done right now.  When healthy, they were a wrecking ball.  But that was, what, six weeks across the entire season?

Get people into Columbus who can keep a hockey team strong and healthy.  Period.

2. Foligno for Captain on the presumption that he realizes that he's keeping the seat warm for Jenner.  No disrespect to Nick but rather a stated perpetuation plan with a relatively older player and a younger player in the mix.  That's just responsible planning.

Foligno with the C, Jenner and Dubinsky at minimum with the A.

3. My old boss in the corporate finance world had a fantastic saying: Feed the Eagles, Starve the Turkeys.  That should apply with the CBJ.  And in a lot of other places, but we'll keep the focus on hockey.

4. Thank God that giant distraction called the All-Star Game is behind us.  Let's stay focussed on the real prize: The Stanley Cup.

5. Next season will be John Davidson's fourth season with the Blue Jackets, and it will be Jarmo Kekalainen's second "and a half" - he was hired in February 2013.  By any reasonable standard, it's time for the pair to show on the ice what they've accomplished in their jobs.

Playoffs or bust.

"Hope" is a four-letter word.

Columbus Blue Jackets 2015-16: NO EXCUSES.

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