Saturday, April 11, 2015

Here I go again...

What more do we want from Nick?  Oh yeah, leadership!
I wanted to make my blog title something like 'Nick Foligno, Captain of the 2015-16 Columbus Blue Jackets', but there is a real lack of decorum in that choice.  That is an announcement that belongs to the team, not some two bit blogger venting his spleen.  But I think Nick is going to be the captain, mostly because he has earned it.  And let me assure you of my bias.  I bought a Nick Foligno jersey at the midway point of the last season.  It's one of those things I've never regretted.  I also have a Sergei Federov third jersey, because he will be in the hall of fame, and a Derek Dorsett third jersey #becausehesawesome, but my Foligno Jersey is an every day home jersey.  Not autographed yet, but I have my hopes.

In another fit of disclosure, I also have a Nick Foligno all-star captain jersey, but that is more of a celebratory purchase.  I got Nick's home jersey last year because that was what I wanted to wear for the grind of the regular season.  Nick has rewarded that choice with stellar play, all while playing within himself and within the team structure.  A great team has guys who score all through the line up when their turn comes up.  I think we have seen that team out of the Blue Jackets these last 10 or so games.  These guys will shamelessly feed whoever is hot, cause that's how you win.

And that is what we need.  Wins.  Lots of them, especially early in the season.  This team is trying to make a demonstration to management that in spite of the results, that they deserve to stay together.  And they are assembling a compelling argument.

So how does naming Nick captain change anything?  First and foremost is I believe he has the respect of the locker room, particularly those guys that are natural leaders like Dubinsky and Johnson.  They have to be able to accept a captain.  A captain has to be someone who is respected by all in the room.  If you are a young guy who has already scored thirty goals in a season, what do you need to see to make them someone you respect.  Of course a guy who also scores thirty goals is going to get a listen from you, which highlights the importance of Nick's achievement this year, as he is currently sitting on 31 goals.  In summary, Nick is the right guy for the job.

Late game, time for bed.  But first, congratulations Nick.  This is another job that you will handle with grace and effectiveness like you have approached everything you have touched for the last two years.  Seriously Nick, you are going to make a great captain.  It's time to embrace the role.


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