Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Brave New World - Briefly

Work night tonight, so need to be brief.  Same result, different vibe.  Totally different vibe.  Let's just say this, the game wasn't over with 10 minutes left.  First time this year.  They pressed and attacked to the end, they forechecked better than ever, and finally, finally, played some Blue Jackets hockey.  Wins will come.

A fascinating 24 hours.  The next 24 should be mellower, as the team tries to get a stride.  Travel and then an off day.  Let some dust settle, and get ready to get after the Avalanche.

More thoughts tomorrow.

Now.  Glance both ways for observers.  None?  Ok, admit it.  It was fun.  They finally skated hard to the end of the game trying to win one.  Dubi, Saad, Foligno line looked like a load to deal with.


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