Tuesday, October 20, 2015

CBJ Tie Modern Record for Futility, And...

Egads, Boomer Already!
The CBJ showed tonight signs of what history has shown is the way this club climbs out of these losing streaks; incremental progress.  The CBJ played a sort of tight game for 2 and a half periods before unraveling in the last half of the third.  This is a pattern we have seen before with this club.  They slowly rein it in, and then go on a winning streak.

Games like tonight happen.  They had the puck behind Halak twice, but still the Isles get the shut out.  This type of game happens during the course of a 82 game season.  The problem is the 6 game losing streak that preceded this game, thereby eliminating any cushion they have to endure this type of game.  The problem is the lack of wins that would counter balance such a loss.

Based on this team's history, I'd say we are looking at a couple more losses, maybe only one, before they tilt the ice back their way.  This script has played out for this group before.  On the other hand, these guys thought they were going deep in the playoffs.  There is nothing about their game now that would lead one to believe that this is possible.

0-7 now, tying the 1997-98 Blackhawks for the record for futility.  On the road against Minnesota on Thursday, I don't see any thing in their performance that would lead one to believe that they could beat a good hockey team.  So in all probability, this group is fixing to own the title of most unable to win in modern hockey history.  A distinguished achievement.  It's not even Halloween, and they are putting this season in the tank.  Auston Mathews anyone?  Oh right, he's going to Edmonton.  Duh.  Sorry, lost focus there.

There is some bad mojo going around the club right now.  I don't know what it is.  But if this season is done, I'm warning everyone that I'm going to start indulging in conspiracy theories just to keep things interesting as we watch another season go down the rat hole.  Keep in mind I'm a season ticket holder (#cashonthebarrelhead).  I'm in too deep to back out now.  I will watch the hockey, because I love it.  I will get together with my friends over a beer before the game, because, well, I like that.  But after 10 years of this, I'm going to think twice this March before I do it again.  I thought I would be scrambling to find cash to pay for playoff tickets.  Imagine my relief to have that burden gone, eh?

So here we go again.  I don't see how the coaching staff survives.  I don't see why they should.  Did I mention that Auston Mathews is playing for Marc Crawford, former NHL coach, in Switzerland?  If not, I will.


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  1. A head rolled...new head coming in. I remember when Tort was with the Rangers, fans tore him apart at the end there. This is a good team, I still believe a playoff team...I can't believe the D has gotten that bad since last year.