Wednesday, January 6, 2016

CBJ Trade Johansen for Seth Jones

I'm a Pred-a-what?
The Columbus Blue Jackets have announced that they have traded center Ryan Johansen for defenseman Seth Jones in a straight up trade of young, high draft picks.  This is a hockey trade that benefits both clubs, in which they swap fine young players.

Seth Jones was having a difficult time cracking a deep Nashville defensive corps, and will see his minutes leap in Columbus.  Johansen had an awkward start to the year, and was in need of a reset.  There are lots of instances where this has really benefited players, and I think it likely to be the case for Johansen.

Best of luck Joey!  You provided us with some real thrills, and I think you will find that you love Nashville.  Seth, welcome to CBus, we are looking forward to see what you can bring.


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