Thursday, January 7, 2016

Jarmo Goes Fishing in the Deep Water

In late December in this space, I wrote about the need to do something about the defensive corps, and one of our readers mentioned trading for a number 1 defenseman.  And I remember quietly thinking 'I wish'.  I think my point in that post, amongst the rambling, was that the time was now for this organization to solidify it's defensive corps.

I titled that post 'fish or cut bait', thinking that the CBJ would be forced by market considerations to just cut bait, to wait for our current group of defenseman to mature.  Little did I know that Jarmo had baited up a couple of meat hooks with whole chicken carcasses, and was out trolling in the deep water.  And boy did he land a big fish.

Seth Jones is not going to strap the CBJ on his back and lead them to the promised land in the next month.  It is well to be patient with this young man, as he feels his way through new situations he didn't play much in Nashville.  There will be mistakes.  That's what happens to young defensemen.  And the power play minutes and PK minutes will be new to him.  But he is ready for it, and once he gets his feet wet, he will be fine.  And he lifts our whole defensive corps to a new level.

The league wide consensus seems to be that this was a good hockey trade, and that is my personal belief.  If you define a good hockey trade as one that benefits both organizations and both players, then I think this trade meets those criteria.  Sort of a win, win, win, win trade.  Even with the hole made by Johansen's departure, I believe that our team is better today then it was yesterday before the trade.  Our need was that great.

I'm looking forward to watching him play.  This should be highly entertaining.


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