Monday, February 22, 2016

A Shooter's Mentality

Does Cap Relief really replace what you get
from Scott Hartnell??
During the broadcast of the CBJ's 6-4 win over a tired Boston Bruin's club, Jeff Rimmer said that Tortorella had told the team to have more of "a shooter's mentality".  Whether or not Torts actually said that, the team played tonight like he did utter those words.

The Jackets put together three good periods in a very entertaining game, winning a lot of races to the puck.  Boston was just coming in off the road, and their legs showed it.  Better yet, the Jackets took advantage for a good win.  Best yet, this was a game of depth, as contributions came from all parts of the lineup.

Boone Jenner really had it going tonight.  Scott Hartnell really had it going tonight.  Saad scores a late goal to push it back to a two goal lead late in the game.  This was a really good all round team effort tonight.

The CBJ are on national TV tomorrow night against the Wings, and they need to be consistent with their effort in that game.  You want to establish yourself against this Detroit team if you can.  They have assembled a much younger, pretty solid team in Detroit, but its up to us to bring a good game against them.  Perhaps only Tyutin remembers the old days in the Western Conference and our battles with the Wings.  It's a different dynamic now.  Our guys need to bring a good game if they think they can win.  It should be fun to watch.

I have to ask this question before the trade deadline.  Does relief on the salary cap replace what you get from Scott Hartnell?  I keep hearing people say we should move Hartnell for cap relief so we can sign existing players.   Umm, he's a 20 goal scorer.  You are moving that out, but not replacing it.  His contract is not that crazy for a 20 goal scorer.  If you are paying that for Umberger, who has 1 goal, then yes, its too much.  And the sandpaper he has in his game is getting rarer in this league, and if you have aspirations of really winning something you need something like that.

So here's the concern with Hartnell.  He has like 3 years left on his contract, but if he can score ~20 goals this year, he likely can do it 2 out of the next 3 years.  The thing about older players is that they tend to lose a step.  The best thing about Hartnell, is that he never had that step in the first place, so his game is based on something different, and he'll never miss it (in the context of superbly conditioned super fast humans).

So keeping Scott Hartnell is an investment in your organization having the chops and boldness to win something that no one believes you can win.  And in today's NHL, $4.8 million for that isn't a crazy number.  I don't think he will be here after the trade deadline, and there is a part of me that wants to see Hartnell go to a team where he can win something this year.  But I'd much rather see him win it here at some future date.  Just sayin'.


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