Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fear and Loathing in Jacketsville

Renee Bourque, on Waivers
With a huge, multiple stick tap to Hunter S. Thompson for the tag line, things are uncertain now amongst the CBJ faithful.  Thompson's works under the above title attempted to capture a mind-set in my opinion.  A mind-set of uncertainty, yet of expectation.  This captures my feelings as we stand on the brink of trade deadline 2016.  Nervous checking of Twitter, scanning for text messages, these are all characteristics of nervous Jacket fans around Columbus.

Aaron Portzline of the Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the CBJ have placed Renee Bourque on waivers.  This is an interesting move.  They are seeing if anyone will take on his contract for nothing in return.  I doubt if this happens, so Bourque will head off to Lake Erie to mentor the younger players down there.

I am unsettled about the Hartnell trade.  I don't like the notion, and I have a high level of respect for the player.  I think he is going to make good on that contract, and whoever takes him is going to get their money's worth.  Yet you want to sell at the top of the market, and that's where Hartsy is now.  I hope he either goes somewhere he likes, or to a contender, and he gets a chance to show his mettle in the playoffs.  I just don't see where or how you replace the 20 goals, and since his game is not predicated on speed, I think he will continue to reasonably produce for the remainder of the contract.

Tyutin came to Columbus in the Nickolai(y) Zherdev trade, and Fedor's incredible resiliency has made that a smashing trade for former GM Scott Howson.  The notion that we might get something for Toots as he moves on to other things is just icing on the cake.  But I will be sad to see him go,as it looks as if the organization is turning another page, and going even younger.  It's a good thing we will restock the minor leagues with this draft, cause there will be a talent drain of minor league players heading towards the parent club.

So I am nervously awaiting the fall out of trade deadline 2016.  It may be an interesting team taking the ice against the Rangers tomorrow at 7:00.


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