Friday, March 11, 2016

The Mouth Breathing Was Epic

Back in the Saddle
Tonight the Blue Jackets succumbed to the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-2.  I'm not a big Penguins fan, but when a team scores a couple of greasy goals, based on effort and battle, they deserve the win.  Such was the case tonight in an animated barn, with Penguins fans slightly outnumbering the CBJ fans.  This resulted in an energized atmosphere as the fans responded to the numerous challenges.

At the end of the day the game turned on a series where Bobrovsky, in his first game back from an extended absence, kicked several rebounds back up into the slot, and naturally one of those ultimately turned into a goal.  So it goes.  Bob tightened up noticeably as the game progressed, as was to be expected, but Fleury basically wouldn't allow himself to be beat twice by Cam Atkinson, and poke checked away his second attempt at the same move.  That's the NHL, you win on a move once, it's not there the second time.

Lots of Pens fans tonight.  The tag line is in honor of friend of the blog, @Rockmanhalo.   You could here the whistling as they drew in breath for their pitiful "let go Pens' which was quickly drowned by the thunderous chant of CBJ, CBJ.

Then Pens have rallied from a slow start to be back in the hunt for a wild card, with a Tortorella protege behind the bench.  The similarity in the teams games was noticeable, and that is going to add some texture (thanks Hitch) to these games in the future.

A fun game, in a raucous barn.  But we improve our chances in the lottery.  Not a bad night at the rink.


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